Noemei – #writingprompt

pixabay image by Natan Vance

A story from JP over at Wide-eyed Wandering Spoonie. Full of action and one powerful girl at the top. I hope you enjoy it.


Noemei opened her eyes to her squalid surroundings. The stench of sweat and excrement mixed with something worse, the smell of fear. The air was ripe with it. Slavers! Her Island village had been raided. She’d been thrown in the hold of a ship with the other children and what adults were left after the massacre. She brusquely wiped a tear away. This would not do, her mother had told her to get away and get away she would.

Noemei pushed her way through the sniveling crowd to one of the many round openings in the side of the ship. Without a second thought, she slipped through and into the icy water with a small splash. She reached the shore shivering. An old abandoned building half stood to her right, providing shelter from the chilling wind. The collapsed side of the building gave her a view of the ancient ruins and the black moon.

“Where’d she get to Eggar?”

Noemei heard the rough voices of the slavers, close…


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