A Strange New World – #writingprompt

pixabay image by Natan Vance

A story from Brad of Writing to Freedom. Brad says this is his first ever story! I’m so honored that the prompt inspired him. Enjoy!

A Strange New World

Walking down the boulevard of what was once our thriving neighborhood, I feel my heart pounding. Each doorway, shadow, and alley represents the chance of an unpleasant encounter of the strange kind. Ever since the shadow walkers arrived, New York hasn’t been the same. We hear whispers of the same thing happening across the country. There is no TV, radio, or internet. Mass communications have long since gone silent.

It happens every full moon. As the moon grows to fullness, the strange shadows emerge. An eerie silence fills the air with dread. Time stops as does my heart. I feel the dark presence, then a shadow walker emerges from the night. It glides down the empty street. I want to run, but I know there is no escape. They melt unto the paths like liquid death, smooth and silent. No sounds, no eyes, just shadows of what once may have been a person taken by the shadows. When the shadow reaches a person, the person vanishes, leaving only a dark hint of a person…

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