March Speculative Fiction Prompt ||Diana Wallace Peach||Her Dream||

A tale of determination from Jess. I hope you enjoy it!

Stories and Visions

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! At the beginning of this month, I saw a post over at Diana Wallace Peach’s . And she has a great way by which people can express their creativity.  She gives her readers an image every month and they can write a story or poem on it and link her and she will repost it on her blog. (I really hope I explained it right!) This month’s image was really appealing to me so I decided to do a post as well!

Here’s the image:

D.wallace.Peach. March. story. image.

Her Dream 

People say she can’t do it. She should just give up now. There’s nothing anyone can do about it. he believed them too for a while. After all, how could she continue her dancing career with a transplanted hip? But no matter what she did, her mind was stuck on the same thought. “Why…

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