An Email from Saint Zillow

And now for a little morning comedy from Greg. Hope you start your day with a smile!

Almost Iowa


This short story was inspired by D. Wallace Peach’s March Speculative Fiction Prompt.

The Abbot’s desk groaned under the weight of his work.

With every additional platbook, it grunted. With every fresh survey, it creaked and with each new title, it murmured a deep sigh of despair.

Though his desk did not like his workload, the Abbot did.

His labors were the continuation of a long tradition. For five hundred and twenty-two years, the Zillowitte monks had dedicated themselves to the mundane task of settling land disputes and transferring titles. It was the only useful thing that The Ancient Order of Saint Zillow did anymore.

The order was originally established to find homes for the millions of urban refugees who fled into the countryside in the wake of The Great Calamity – but the last of them had been resettled centuries ago.

So what does an organization do after…

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8 thoughts on “An Email from Saint Zillow

  1. Almost Iowa says:

    Diane, thank you so much for reblogging this.

    Your writing prompt has become such a success that I worry it might become a burden and distraction from your own writing. If this gets any more popular, perhaps you should consider setting it up in devoted site and bringing in volunteer editors to share the burden.

    Just my thought… 🙂

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