A vibrant and healing vision of the Earth from Suzanne. Enjoy!

Being in Nature

pixabay image by Natan Vancer

The eclipse was always a special time for the boy and his community.   Donning special glasses they gazed at the spectacle for a few silent moments as they offered their prayers for the safe keeping of those that had fled the Earth in spaceships decades earlier.   The first ships in the fleet would have reached Mars by now and work would have began on terraforming that inhospitable environment.

Once that ritual prayer was out of the way the community got on with the Sacred Earth Ceremony.   This time of dancing, singing and feasting was one of the few times that they got together.   People came in from the outlying subterranean cities and mountain hideaways and met at the wide plateau overlooking the  jagged spires of the city.

It was where they had gathered to watch the last of the space ships leave.   The…

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