Photo-prompt Flash Fiction: Answering the Call

Audrey channels H.P. Lovecraft in this mesmerizing story. Enjoy!

Audrey Driscoll's Blog

The seas had crept higher each year and hurricanes got stronger. Month by month, the Moon’s leering face grew larger as the highest tides of the millennium invaded the land. Rumors spoke of stirrings in the deep, of some new power that made it perilous to live near the sea.

Then came the earthquake, convulsing the entire eastern seaboard. Cities foundered, towns drowned. The oceans climbed the hills and entered every door. Streets once said to be paved with gold vanished under wave-laid ridges of sand. The deep waters touched the things of humans, left their marks and placed their claims.

People abandoned the coastlines and fled inland. Ruins remained ruins. Towers thrust empty into silent skies. Crabs frolicked in the sandy streets by day and seabirds soared above; rats hunted there at night.

The boy had journeyed far. In the turmoil of the time, watchfulness failed in the asylum…

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12 thoughts on “Photo-prompt Flash Fiction: Answering the Call

  1. “Gill-fully” creepy. Loved it.

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  2. It’s great to see this here, along with all the other creative works inspired by the picture. Thanks again, Diana!

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  3. Wow, my greatest fears realized. Wonderful tale , surely plays in our climate change dilemma!

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  4. Mahika says:

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