March Speculative Fiction Prompt: Sacrificial Lambs

I hope you enjoy another take on the prompt – This from Scherezade. Happy Reading!

Scherezade's Labyrinth

Sadje of Keeping it Aliveposted this prompt forwarded from Myths of the Mirror .

The rules are hyperlinked to the blog name above. Write, submit by March 23rd, post it on your blog, and pingback to Myths of the Mirror. No word limits.

Sacrificial Lambs

Where am I going? It feels like ive been walking for hours. Good job, Genius! Justus told me not to go anywhere without him, now I’m lost. He’s not going to let me out of his sight again!

This place is so weird. It’s so chilly yet it’s dry like desert. The eclipse is shadowing everything in iridescence. For it to be a city, there’s no one around. I wish I would’ve brought my coat or any gear for that matter, but I wasn t expecting to be out here this long. However long It’s been. Wanting some fresh air, I was tired of…

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14 thoughts on “March Speculative Fiction Prompt: Sacrificial Lambs

  1. I enjoyed this story! You’re not helping my eyes with all of these griping tales, Diana!

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  2. mylilplace says:

    Wow, what a good story and so well written! Enjoyed it tremendously.

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  3. areilly88 says:

    I especially liked: “As the numbers dwindled, so did his personality.” And then the idea that his perceptions of others would change with his weariness. Great insight!

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  4. A wonderfully entertaining and intriguing take on the prompt! ❤

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