No Light By This Moon #FlashFiction #MarchSpeculativeFiction

So many wonderfully written and often desperate stories have come to light with this prompt. Here’s one from Carol. Enjoy.

Writing and Works

The settee springs had burst through the cushion and what little stuffing there had been was gone. The remaining fabric sagged or clung to the rusted springs, much like the building around it, and the skeletons beyond it. Eddie gripped one of the springs near the base and tested it. He sneezed as the cloth attached crumbled to dust. The coil snapped free of its anchor, surprising him and opening a line of crimson across his other hand. He cursed and pressed the cut to his mouth. The taste made him gag, as if the pollution in the atmosphere had changed even his blood.

He tore a strip from his sleeve and used his teeth to tighten a knot in the bandage. It would have to do, much like everything else he had done for the past six days. Desperation was a great provider of inspiration he had discovered, but…

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4 thoughts on “No Light By This Moon #FlashFiction #MarchSpeculativeFiction

  1. Thanks for doing these stories–I have been following this series–I may not always comment, but I read all of them.

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    • Thank you, Damyanti. That’s a lot of stories. I think I have over 40 now and it’s not even the middle of the month! I’m glad you’re enjoying them. Have a wonderful day and Happy Writing!


  2. Great story and I was so easily dragged into it!

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