Darkness and Terror

Jess gives us a glimpse of what might happen if aliens “invade.” Enjoy the story.

Jessica Bakkers

I’m pushed for time presently – editing – but I still wanted to contribute to D Wallace Peach’s wonderful March Speculative FictionPrompt.

The eclipse hadn’t been predicted.

When the moon slid through the summer sky and blighted the winking sun, humankind had gazed up in wonder and awe. Wonder quickly shifted to concern, and awe turned to fear as the moon languished in front of the sun. Mutters and grumbles gave way to full-throated screams of panic as the sky stayed dark… for an hour. A day. A week.

As the preternatural darkness lingered, looting broke out in the streets and the best of mankind succumbed to terror. Calls for calm fell on deaf ears as the Governments of the world tried – and failed – to restore order.

Blind panic and the loose semblance of order were totally obliterated when the first Little One arrived. The being scuttled…

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4 thoughts on “Darkness and Terror

  1. mylilplace says:

    So well written…Unraveling ourselves…There is much truth to fiction sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I suspect aliens are closer than we think. Good story.

    Liked by 1 person

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