“Vacant”~ A prose response to the March Speculative Writing Picture”

A dystopian story from Christina. Happy Friday!!

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The following piece of prose is written as a response to the picture below. I have been watching each month the writing prompts from the Myths of the Mirror Blog and have decided to join in on the fun or March. Please enjoy the following short piece of prose entitled “Vacant.”

And let me know your thoughts’ Perhaps you’d like to write something yourself!

March Speculative Writing Prompt 


Pixabay image provided by Natan Vance



Elwyn traveled by night to avoid the Great Storms which blanketed deserted streets and covered corpses. She didn’t mind. The sun had long since become unbearable. Just one scrap of green was all she needed to restore her hope, but plant life was scarce. Monstrous buildings rising in the dark were her only company, hunger her only solace. At least it meant she was still alive. She looked in the dark for…

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11 thoughts on ““Vacant”~ A prose response to the March Speculative Writing Picture”

  1. Gosh y’all…it would help if I turn ON the commenting on the original post. If all my neurons were working together I’d be dangerous 😉
    It was wonderful this morning to wake up to all the love this post is receiving…Thank you Myths of the Mirror and all your wonderful readers.


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    • I was wondering about the comments, Christina, but couldn’t leave a comment! 🙂 A great story and I was delighted to share.

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      • Thank you Diana, I truly appreciate it. I have NO IDEA why the comments were turned off, but thankfully one of your readers let me know! I fixed it. Thank you for all you do to support fellow bloggers. I started my blog in 2008 and got 14 followers. I left it sitting there neglected, until about a month ago when I revamped it and relaunched with renewed purpose. I now I have 91 followers and growing quickly, partially because of blogger support from blogs like yours. Kudos for your efforts to encourage good writing and to celebrate your fellow bloggers. I enjoy being a part of this wonderful community!

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  2. Jina Bazzar says:

    i like it.The opening has exactly the element i like to see at the opening of a story.

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