The Shadow City

A story from Lana with a difficult choice. I hope you enjoy it!

L.T. Garvin

There was a time, a time that came before perpetual darkness descended, before the sun went to starlit mass gathering it’s golden rays for penance. Before the earth shattered. Not many of us live in the only city of Eugna. It rises up in the north in a now deceased land. We exist in this darkness pandering false prophecies as we go allowing the night to conceal our desperation. It’s a bare life in a world bleached by blackness. Those of us left depend upon the dome bubble that feeds us oxygen and virtual warmth. We cluster into chanting groups recalling a time of sun and lavender and attempt to reorganize the puzzle pieces of this bleak existence. The sentence of dark dwellers.

I walk these silent streets and remember that Grandmother Lona spoke in sentences of blood moons and sunbursts. She grew up in a time when life was…

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9 thoughts on “The Shadow City

  1. Intriguing and well done!

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