A Survival Guide

Another wonderful story, this from Jackie. I hope you enjoy it.

The Stories People Tell

Flash fiction pixabay image by Natan Vance

If you should ever find yourself utterly and completely alone after some astral force has sucked every ounce of life from your beloved city, and if it becomes clear that this is it, it’s just you and the soulless towers, then, there are a few things you will need to do.

First wander around the streets that no longer pulsate with the rhythm of life. Listen to the patter of your footsteps. Listen to your ragged breath. Feel your heart beat frantically. When the fact of your situation sinks in deep enough, that is, to as far as it can go, you must let out a long, anguished howl and hear it bounce off the cold silent walls.

With that out of the way, you will need to find food. The sooner you understand that the appearance, the smell, the taste, the texture are all…

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5 thoughts on “A Survival Guide

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed you two! It’s wonderful.

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