8 Reasons to love a Ninny Rhino

I told my husband it’s time for a mini-WriMo.

A ninny rhino?

No, a mi-ni-wri-mo.

He lost interest at that point, but maybe you want to know more.

What is a Mini-WriMo?

I first heard the term Mini-WriMo years ago after nearly collapsing from exhaustion after a full-fledged NaNoWriMo. And since that mention, I do various versions of mini writing bursts throughout the year.

It’s basically a time-limited, personal challenge to focus on writing. The best part? You set your own goals based on what’s achievable for you and what you want to accomplish.

Why does it work?

1. Because it’s supremely flexible. What we write, how we write, and the needs of our projects are all different and constantly evolving. A mini-WriMo can be whatever you wish based on your goals.

2. You pick the time period – a week, two weeks, a month.

3. You decide on the measure – a certain number of words, a finished outline, completed character bios, or an hour of writing 3 times a week. Perhaps daily journaling to brainstorm ideas. You can write a paragraph a day, or give yourself editing or blogging goals. How about developing a marketing plan (something I’ve been meaning to do for 10 years!).

4. You can under-promise and overachieve. If you think you can consistently write 1K words a day, make your goal 500. If you go over, that’s just fine. You want to make your goal easy to accomplish.

5. No one needs to validate your efforts – you’re only accountable to yourself, your muse, and the writing gods.

6. It can loosen a block. If you’re feeling blocked, it forces you to write at least a little bit, and sometimes, that’s all it takes to get the keyboard clacking.

7. It’s “official!” You get to explain to your family your “official” and “very important” challenge that you committed to as well as your “critical” time requirements.  This is extremely helpful in my family. If I simply want to write, I don’t get the same kind of time and space as when I sigh and inform them that I’ve made an “official commitment.”

8. You get a badge – even for an attempt to meet your goals. Here it is for your downloading pleasure (pixabay images):

Why am I telling you this?

Because I’m tending to a Ninny Rhino for the month of March. Want to join in? At the end of the month, I’ll set up a post so we can all share our successes in the comments. 🙂



159 thoughts on “8 Reasons to love a Ninny Rhino

  1. Allie P. says:

    I totally missed this, but I’ve been head down for the last several months doing everything I could to finish my WIP’s first draft as I originally wanted it done by the end of last year. 3 months late, but I can say I am another step closer to seeing it in my hand. So I guess I participated without knowing I participated.

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    • You did, Allie! It sounds like you were very disciplined and didn’t really need the nudge. Good for you for finishing you first draft. That’s awesome. I had hoped to finish mine by the end of March, but it didn’t happen. End of May, fingers crossed. 🙂 Happy Writing!

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  3. […] The way Diana set this challenge up, with all the choices and flexibility, there was kind of no way to fail. But, I am spectacularly inept and managed to do it. Fail, that is. […]

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  4. Lyn Horner says:

    Very helpful article, Diana. I have been blocked lately. I’ve written three chapters in my WIP and know how I want the story to end, but I’m having trouble with steps in the plot to reach that conclusion. In a situation like this, I often resort to closing myself in a quiet room with a notebook and pen. Somehow, the ideas flow better that way. This isn’t exactly a mini-wri-mo, but it works for me.

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  5. […] Daily but not always posting; the Ninny Rhino lives on! Thanks to Diane & Matthew for keeping me […]

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  6. I love your advises – particularly about you being accountable for your goal.

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