Diana’s February Story: The Elephant Child

Pixabay image by Marianne Sopala

I actually recorded this if you want to listen along.

The Elephant Child

by D. Wallace Peach

An elephant child, carefree and wild
Walked into the wintry woods
He followed fox tails and jackrabbit trails
Ignoring his mother’s “shoulds”

Of course, he got lost and chilled by the frost
As night began to fall
To his rump he sunk and tooted his trunk
But no one answered his call

Oh, that cold night, to the elephant fright
The clouds began to snow
He sniffled and shivered, shook and quivered
His nose he needed to blow

The blizzard swirled and snowflakes twirled
He plodded on wobbly knees
His head grew stuffy, the snow so fluffy
He blew out a honking sneeze

Losing hope, he started to mope
When in an evergreen tree
He spied a house, just right for a mouse
And he let go a trumpet of glee

Alas the place hadn’t the space
To fit an elephant’s bulk
The lost little guy plunked down for a cry
His head hung low in a sulk

The house was quite nice, chock full of mice
Who whispered quiet and low
What was that? Did you hear a cat?
Lurking out in the snow?

Across the wood floor, they dashed to the door
Flicked on the outside light
In a rodent flurry, they squeaked and scurried
An elephant! What a sight!

Let’s offer a seat for a tea and a treat
Said a mouse who felt overly bold
I think he is lost so covered in frost
And surely his ears are cold.

Full of care and courage to spare
They crawled out on a limb
They slipped on the ice those brave little mice
And their mission turned quite grim

But they held on tight with all their might
And called to the elephant
Come in from the storm, come in and get warm
But the elephant said I can’t!

Though I’m only four, I’ll bust the door
I’ll break the branch from the tree
I’ll crack your stairs and squash your chairs
I’m far too heavy, you see.

You have to try, hurry in and dry
Get up! Please give it a go!
The elephant groaned, he mumbled and moaned
Though he longed to get out of the snow.

With strength galore, he pushed on the door
The tree branch started to bend
The home nearly fell, and the mice had to yell
Please stop, or we’re end-over-end!

The elephant frowned as the flakes tumbled down
His trunk a bright shade of blue
Oh, what a glitch, mice-whiskers did twitch.
What were the rodents to do?

Now, due to their size, mice aren’t very wise
Their brains are as tiny as seeds
They may not be smart, but they have lots of heart
And sometimes that’s all that you need.

They sketched out a plan as only mice can
And piled his back with sweaters
And blankets and sheets, and curtains with pleats
Tiny coats of wool and black leather

With the elephant warm, and safe from all harm
They dialed their old-fashioned phone
We’re seeking his mother, a father or brother!
This elephant’s all alone!

Well what do you know, because of the snow
His parents were suffering fits
They dashed to him fast and hugged him at last
And stayed for some tea and biscuits.

Thus ends the plight of the elephant’s night
Be careful when out in the woods
You might meet some mice who are caring and nice
But just in case…
Remember your mother’s shoulds.

167 thoughts on “Diana’s February Story: The Elephant Child

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  3. Jordy says:

    Delightful, Diana!! Not sure how I missed this earlier. This would make a lovely Children’s book!! And is definitely a keeper! Jordy 🤗

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  4. Sheron says:

    Really enjoyed your poetic story.

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  5. Love it Diana..I rarely minded the ‘shoulds’ only when they became ‘musts’ xx

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  6. Himani says:

    Wow! Diana, I just loved this…it was such a wonderful time reading this poem…I always love your write ups…wish I could write like that someday…😄😄😄😄

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  9. Sarah says:

    Oh, Diana! What a marvellous and lovely story and performance! I sooo enjoyed your reading, you have a wonderful voice and I could imagine you reading this story to your grandson and him watching you read with such joy! Such a delight! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful little treasure of a story with us 😄❤

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    • Thanks for the lovely comment, Sarah. I have about 30 recordings of it, all with a groan in the middle somewhere as I stumbled over the words. Lol. Finally got it down. Phew. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I haven’t read it yet to Tornado Boy, but I will the next time he visits. ❤

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      • Sarah says:

        Hehe! I know how difficult it can be doing a recording without awkward sounds and groans, I did this some years ago with my Count Harecula stories until I found another blogger who was eager to do it for me. 😀
        And I know that Tornado Boy will love it! ❤

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  10. Aw I love this, Diana! And I love being read to 🙂 You have such an amazing voice and rhythm.
    Such a wonderful post, as always!

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  11. I very rarely read poetry, but hearing you read your poem really had me seated and listening, Diana. It was lovely to hear your voice and the way you took on the different tones when talking as the mice.
    A sure hit for all of us. Well done.

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    • Thanks so much for listening, Hugh, especially since you don’t read much poetry. I’m honored. It was fun to record it (once I got the technology part of it figured out and stopped goofing up!) Have a great day, my friend. ❤

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  12. mylilplace says:

    Love love love it!!! A gem of a poem for the young and the old. The rhythm immediately made me think of Dr. Seuss whose birthday is just around the corner. Except, it’s got Diana’s wit and warmth. What a gentle and comforting voice you have. Simply amazing. Thank you for sharing the poem and the recording. My children will love this. You’ve gotta publish this somehow. 🙂

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