The Stormbringer

WP authors don’t seem to run out of originality. I hope you enjoy this story from JR Shull. 🙂

J.R. Shull

Below is a story in response to D. Wallace Peach’s photo prompt: February’s Speculative Fiction Prompt.

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The Stormbringer

The creaking.
Distinctly, I recall the way the boards along the ceiling would not stop creaking and groaning. The sound buzzed around my head like a swarm of gnats. It clawed at me, scraping against my eardrums though I held tight my hands to my head. As I sat huddled in the corner, watching, waiting for the crescendo of splintering wood to bring the pain down, the creaking never ceased.
Oh, but I am getting ahead of myself! The dread was formed earlier, brought on by that godforsaken storm.
The garden beneath my home– that is, at the base of a massive, gnarled, twisted tree– needed tending. I stood with my toes in the soft soil, admiring the sprouts brave enough to enter the…

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3 thoughts on “The Stormbringer

  1. I enjoyed this…thanks for sharing, Diana!

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