Atonement Ganesha

Happy Valentine’s Day! With all those hearts, I had to share Teagan’s story today. We’re off to the Atonement universe once again. Enjoy.

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Saturday, February 9, 2018

Elephant mice tree house HEARTS_PixabyPixabay, altered image by Teagan

Diana Wallace Peach started a  monthly feature at her blog, Myths of the Mirror.  I caved into the temptation to play along. Click the link to learn more. 

Each month, Diana issues an image as a prompt. This time, my response is a twofer! My first response is my alteration of the original image.  Click the link above to see the original at Diana’s blog. 

As you can see, I was hoping to make a Valentine’s story.  However, whatever and whomever my muse is, apparently it has no relationship with Cupid.  Even so, I wrote a vignette and once again, made my response part of my “Atonement, Tennessee” universe.  I’ll leave Ralda Lawton to tell you about it.


What is that up ahead? I wondered.

I was about to turn my Toyota into the long, rhododendron lined driveway of…

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34 thoughts on “Atonement Ganesha

  1. Can’t wait to go read this! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  2. Dear Diana, you are so kind to share this little ditty. As you see, I tried hard to write a Valentine’s story, but the closest I got was the image. o_O
    When Michael at OIKOS asked me how I get so many characters, this is what I told him:
    I guess you could say that I start thinking about a myth… Then I consider which parts of the myths I can use to form the character. Then I “stretch” myself by trying to use more and more of the smaller details included in the myth.
    Ganesha is sometimes carried by a mouse (or mice). Bheema’s profession (getting rid of pests, rodents, etc) as well as his van “carry” him — and so did his strange shoes.
    Ganesha is many times portrayed as surrounded by women, particularly Siddhi and Riddhi. So I added that by giving him cats with those names. (I nearly used ferrets in stead of cats, not sure which would be better.)
    And of course, part of the Ganesha story includes him losing one of his tusks in a fight, hence the scar on his “rather long” nose.
    Thanks again for sharing.
    Happy Valentine’s Day hugs! ❤ ❤

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    • That is so cool, Teagan. I don’t know much of the myth, so those details were lost on me, but I’m sure others picked up on them. You’re amazingly creative (and now you’ve shared some secrets). Will I be seeing Bheema in the next book???

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  3. This wonderful, love the hearts!

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  4. Teegan’s imagination blows me away! Thanks for sharing, Diana.

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  5. That was fun and imaginative!

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