Up a Tree ~ #poetry #SpeculativeWriting

A third poem for the prompt today from Dorinda. Enjoy the kindness. 🙂

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Diana, of Myths of the Mirror has a new feature on her blog called, “New Year, New Feature: a Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt.”  Please visit the link above to find out more about the challenge, then get to it!

I bet you thought they would frighten me

All those white mice, nestled in an old tree

But let me tell you, how they got up there

This is a scene, most think would be rare

I heard them holler, so I came, like thunder

Buried in the snow, was a house, gone under

I had to figure out a way, to help save the mice

There wasn’t much time, I couldn’t think twice

I picked up the house, and held it in my trunk

Lifted it up to the tree, dropped it down, plunk

Straightened it, carefully, in the bend of a branch

Those little mice, still, on top…

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6 thoughts on “Up a Tree ~ #poetry #SpeculativeWriting

  1. Thanks for sharing, Diana! Another fun prompt! ❤

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