An Elephant Never Forgets.

A delightful take on the prompt. Enjoy.


Author’s Note: Diana at Mythos of the Mirror has a new photo prompt for this month and it’s a good one.  This is my take on it.

Hartruese the elephant stood in the snowstorm. The stiff, sparse hairs on his body did very little to keep him warm.

He glanced around, hoping to see his owners coming back for him. But all he saw was snow and it was falling hard.

His tough skin protected him from many things.

It did nothing to protect him from the cold.

But he waited.

Just in case.

He waited until the pads of his feet became itchy from the cold. By then he realized the truth.

His owners were never coming back for him.

He flattened his small ears against his broad head and bowed his head to the cold wind.

He left to seek shelter.


As he trudged through the snow…

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11 thoughts on “An Elephant Never Forgets.

  1. This take is so delightful! Awedome!

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