The Titan muse #photochallenge

A poetic response from Bobby. Enjoy. 🙂

When the pen takes control.


Under dark skies and Luna’s gaze

I pause, reflecting on my fate

for traitorous act condemned, to hold

the world of man upon my shoulders

I burn each day in Helios’ fire

to suffer Khione’s ire by night,

when men no longer think of us

power is lost for such as Zeus

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18 thoughts on “The Titan muse #photochallenge

  1. Thêa says:

    A lovely poem, and an image that caught me. Images of this type often does that to me.

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  2. Daniela Ark says:

    wow Bob’s is SUPER GOOD!!!!! If he publishes poetry I would totally buy it! Love all the mythology. And Luna. Yes. I love that word and way to call the moon. Luna is one of my fav words in the universe (as you may have noticed on my blog LOL)

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    • Haha. I love your enthusiasm. I’m met and enjoyed so many amazing poets and writers through this challenge. That’s been the best part of it. Have a great week, Daniela. I hope you find more to enjoy from the Feb. prompt!

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  3. iScriblr says:

    How wonderful! Thanks for sharing!❤️

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  4. lovely, indeed! :-)claudine

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  5. Jina Bazzar says:

    Now, mythology poetry. that’s something new – at least for me.

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  6. Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem and introducing me to him.
    I commented on his page as well.
    Happy Monday

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