Another take on the prompt from Himani. I hope you enjoy. 🙂


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Stefan Keller at Pixabay

They say God is omnipresent, but we cannot see him around in his real kind. Maybe they say is true, maybe not. If what they say is true, is he around me at present, can he see me? I feel if I would see him I might get scared maybe. He must be giant, rugged, wild and for sure not so ordinary like us.

“Aaaarghh! my thoughts, why was I constantly thinking about him during my entire trek to the Mount Everest and now that I have reached the zenith I should be feeling happy and celebrating it with my trek companions but why am I still feeling there is somebody missing amongst us who was constantly there with me throughout the trek and I didn’t notice him but felt his presence next to me all the time. Was it him? The Creator, who is omnipresent.”

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  1. Caridwen says:

    You have had a great time doing this! So original!🌿

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  2. Solitaire says:

    I like her conversation….

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  3. I love that there are so many different takes on this prompt, Diana.
    Toasting this one with a mug of hot chocolate. 🙂 Hugs.

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