Of Stone and Ice – A Writing Prompt Short Story

Will the old guy save the world? A cliffhanger from Jessica

Jessica Bakkers

So, I’ve just discovered the very fabulous D Wallace Peach’s Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt – an opportunity for spec fic writers to get their groove on and have their stories reblogged on Diana’s website, Myths of the Mirror. HOW HAVE I MISSED THIS UNTIL NOW??!

Why does this excite me so much? Well, not only is spec fic my jam, Diana’s website is the stuff of magic and myth. She’s a wonderful and prolific author, and about the nicest lady you could come across. So, pop over, say g’day and join in the writing prompt fun.


Of Stone and Ice 

Professor James O’Neil never dreamed he’d be hiking across an arctic terrain in his seventies; the last, great hope of the world on his shoulders. Then again, O’Neil never dreamed he’d be alive to see the sweeping prairies and fields of Kansas turned into an ice-covered apocalypse. Yet the…

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17 thoughts on “Of Stone and Ice – A Writing Prompt Short Story

  1. Ryan says:

    Very nice!

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  2. Thanks Diana and thanks to all you lovelies who read and enjoyed 🤗

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  3. Violet Lentz says:

    Oh D. that was amazing. I am getting so spoiled by you just providing me with page after page of excellently told stories!! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Another amazing take on this prompt…it’s so very compelling!

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  5. Every time I see this picture, I have to pause. It’s wonderful.

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  6. Fiery says:

    Brilliant. Love me a bit of Bakkers. Such a talent x

    Liked by 2 people

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