Shambhala – January’s #WritingPrompt

A mystical journey from Jan. Happy Reading.

Strange Goings On In The Shed

This is in response to a writing prompt initiated by D. Wallace Peach at Myths of the Mirror. Thank you Diana for this opportunity to indulge in further creative endeavours.


Shambhala. An ideal template for a truly balanced and wise society. A  haven yearned for and sought over millennia. Many had searched, to no avail, their spirits eventually fading like old photographs left in a drawer. The disappointment marked them profoundly, as it would in the case of unfulfilled dreams. Realistic or otherwise.

What of the ones who have never lost hope and faith in the existence of transcendent beauty? Their dreams lie sleeping, waiting on a kiss most loving to rekindle the fire of renewal. One such dreamer waits, day in, day out, peering out of the window for sign of good weather. Each day he places one item in a roomy rucksack, each chosen carefully, a reminder…

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