The Cold Alone

A flash piece from Cosistories. Enjoy!


Author’s Note:  I saw this writing prompt on michnavs website and I just couldn’t resist it. The photo prompt originally came from Diana, of Myths of the Mirror, who has created a new, monthly photo prompt. You can find out the details, and join in right here .

The last Ice Titan stood alone.

All of his fellow Ice Titans had fallen to a vast assortment of heroes and hero wannabes. And so he was left alone.

And alone is all that he wanted to be.

He wanted to spend his last days before the Great Thaw in peace and quiet.

That was his plan.

Then, he saw them. The small black figures trekking across the snow plain and heading his way. They were so tiny and vulnerable and pathetic. He could stomp them easily with one foot. He could freeze them all with one breath.

But that’s what all…

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4 thoughts on “The Cold Alone

  1. Anneberly says:

    I enjoyed reading this piece. I am happy that this blogger decided to join in.

    Liked by 2 people

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