Another unique story. This one by Tora. Happy Reading!

A Little Piece of Tora

By Stefan Keller

If only we had known what lie ahead. If only we had heeded the warnings we were given. Maybe, just maybe, we would all still be alive. Or was it genuinely our time to go?

“Oh, come on. You’re being paranoid, Gaiana,” Fleur spoke as she poked her walking stick in the knee-deep snow to maintain her footing.

There were nineteen of us in the expedition. The satellites were picking up strange signals from an area in Germany and we were sent to explore it. Out of nineteen, Fleur and I were the only women. It was the first day, we were on our way to the village we would depart from, and already something a out the entire thing felt off. Some distant memory was trying to surface but I couldn’t grab it, some kind of myth about this village we were going to.

“Fleur, I’m…

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2 thoughts on “Gaiana

  1. Diana, you’ve really brought out a wealth of creativity with this prompt. Kudos to Tora. Hugs!

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