I’m so pleased to have poets participating in the challenge. An etheree from Helene. I hope you enjoy.

Willow Poetry

fantasy-2925250_960_7201 by Stefan Keller

Written for:D. Wallace Peach’s January Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt

Etheree poetry


If they knew the spirit possessing me
Would they escalate this cold mountain
Intellectualize my fate
neglect the sage within self
to attain utmost height
my figure a mask
trick of mind
thick snow

©Hélène Vaillant

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15 thoughts on “Illusion

  1. memadtwo says:

    “Lure”–what a great finish! (K)

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  2. Jordy says:

    Love it, Hélène!

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  3. Violet Lentz says:

    I should add as it appears on her blog. It is reminiscent of the icy mans beard.

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  4. Violet Lentz says:

    I particularly like the shape of this poem.

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  5. Now, that’s lovely. 🙂
    Diana, this image is appropriate for the weather the past 2 days… Burr! I’m kicking myself harder than ever for not getting to the desert before this winter… All my hurtful spots hurt — even without the self kicking.
    Your new feature is a huge success! Kudos.

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