A heartbreaking flash story from Carol. Enjoy!


fantasy-2925250_960_7201Image by Stefan Keller

Once he had it all. Love over flowed. His home was filled with joy and laughter. If he listened hard, he heard echos of it.

He made one mistake. And was banished from his world. This world was of ice. A frozen wasteland, burning cold and desolate. He couldn’t remember how long he’d been on this winter planet.

But he remembered who banished him, his wife. The love of his life cast a spell in a moment of a jealous anger.

It was his fault. He strayed from love into the arms of lust. For those moments of stolen pleasure, he lost love forever.

Where is this place? The cold of death clutchess his heart. Yet, he cannot die. It is a living death. Each breath he takes he lives her pain and her sadness.

His heart calls out to hers. She cannot hear him for…

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7 thoughts on “Banished

  1. The frozen giant does look like one who has been banished. Nicely done by Carol.
    Thanks for sharing these responses to your challenge, Diana. It’s interesting to see the differences and similarities the image evoked in different people. TGIF hugs.

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  2. This picture definitely inspired creativity in writers. Love it.

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  3. Silent Hour says:

    This was so well-penned! Thank you for sharing.

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