January’s #WritingPrompt

A beautiful and mournful response to the wintry January prompt from Pensivity. Enjoy.


A new monthly challenge for 2019 for which I’m signing up.
Full details are here.

The chosen Pixabay image is by Stefan Keller

As they had ridden the waves for the last time, his tears had frozen them both.
His loyal companion had perished at his feet, but he would not let her go. Time had cloaked as well as preserved them.
Only from a distance could the truth of the mountain be visible, but those who followed were ignorant and blind, too intent on glory, greed and self satisfaction.
Like ants they came to conquer, chipping away at the multi-millennial past to clutch at an uncertain future. Eventually all would be lost, as if it had never been.

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16 thoughts on “January’s #WritingPrompt

  1. Another well-done piece! So many different stories all from the same photo, and so many wonderful writers!

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  2. It’s amazing to be in the same room with so many creative people. The response to your prompt on the Pensivity Blog is included!

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  3. So far, I’ve enjoyed all the worlds created by that haunting image…what a lovely idea, Diana!

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  4. balroop2013 says:

    Glory, greed and self… a deadly combination that has been plaguing humanity for ages! They remind me what Wordsworth had said long ago : “what man has made of man!”

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  5. Thanks for reblogging Diana

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  6. All the responses to the prompt have been wonderful! So many different perspectives. 💕

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