Frozen Giant

via Pixabay by Stefan Keller

Note: This story was written by Dawn at Dawn’s Nights. Her blog is private, so she’s given me permission to post the entire story here. I hope you enjoy.

Frozen Giant

The frozen giant rose in the distance, its face a mixture of sadness and resignation.

Even if he wished to move, his joints were now paralysed by the icy temperatures on this forsaken moon.

But he had no wish to spend such energy. What good would moving do? He had no friend to meet with. He had no foe either. Even fighting was not an option to break the stubborn emptiness of time.

So he crouched there, isolated in the vastness of the wind-battered desert. But his existence was not without a purpose; he had a duty to perform.

His strong arm extended, hand resting on the head of the snow dragon he held captive. The winter storms had frozen it too, mouth agape, tongue drawn out in one long, eternal last breath.

His beard had grown in all the time he had been sitting there, a cascade of rock flowing down from his chin to his feet. His crown of disheveled hair stood high above the frigid ground, a semaphore of sorts.

The cold light of a summer sun would not warm him, but its pale glow through the moon’s ice storms shone enough to guide a group of 20 humans, bundled up and determined, slowly advancing on ski through knee-deep snow.

Tiredness was starting to be felt by all, the journey had been long from their advanced base, their backpacks heavy. And as soon as night would fall, the temperatures would drop so low that even their specially designed suits couldn’t save them.

Reaching the mighty mountain was their only hope of survival, for in the mouth of the tamed dragon lay the entrance to their underground city.

Everyone was feeling a sense of weariness mixed with a rush of impatience, fear and excitement. After months of wandering the desolate surface and sleeping on the rough, they would finally get to see parents, husbands, wives, children.

Unfortunately, the news they brought wasn’t as good as they wished. The other city wasn’t faring any better than theirs. Overcrowded, they too lacked food, and were faced with ever more difficulties to keep everyone warm.

Unless a miracle happened, the future looked bleak for the human settlements on Callipso.

65 thoughts on “Frozen Giant

  1. This is an auspicious start! Kudos to Dawn!

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  2. rijanjks says:

    Fantastic use of the prompt! I loved the story and the emotion it portrayed.

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  3. Good story. Happy I didn’t miss it.

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  4. Daniela Ark says:

    this is one of my favorite Pixabay images and I always thought it would be a great inspiration for a story. And this story was Fantastic! I’m glad Dawn let you shared it. She is is very talented!

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  5. Ocean Bream says:

    This is a lovely story, I am glad you shared it!

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  6. Val Boyko says:

    Wonderful share! Thank you Diana for letting us be touched by Dawn’s words. 💛

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  7. What a way to put an imagination to work, Dawn. Well done! Thanks for sharing, Diana.

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  8. Elisabet says:

    He cold and dark with frost, Dawn’s has spun a great story.

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  9. Joanne Sisco says:

    Cold and bleak. As with any good story, it leaves the reader wanting more.

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    • I’m reblogging them one at a time, Joanne, but I’ve read them all, and so many are bleak. It’s funny because I didn’t see the image as particularly bleak… until I wrote my version. I hope Dawn writes more for us. Thanks for visiting and commenting, my friend. ❤

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  10. I’m so curious about this giant’s origins.

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  11. Solitaire says:

    You have inspired great writers to write great stories!😊

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  12. Vashti Q says:

    Fascinating story! The image is fantastic and the story went along with it perfectly. Thanks for sharing this wonderful, well-written story, Diana. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for visiting, Vashti. I’ve had a number of responses to the prompt so far and will be sharing them over the month. I hope one of these images will tempt you to join in. Happy Writing!


  13. Another great story! I have to confess, whenever I read the word “Callipso” I think of the John Denver song…

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  14. Great job, Dawn! Thanks for sharing with us, Diana.

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  15. Excellent descriptions! I enjoyed this piece, Dawn, congrats!

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  16. Well done, to Dawn. Thanks for sharing it here, Diana. Hugs to you both.

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  17. smilecalm says:

    inspires me
    to dress
    warmly 🙂

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  18. balroop2013 says:

    I know there is humanity waiting under that mountain…strange how our thoughts veer in weird directions but you must be having your own story…brewing! Are you planning your next plot around frozen monsters Diana? Hint, hint!! 🙂

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  19. SD Gates says:

    Wow!!! All from that picture!!! Captivating!!!

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  20. wonderful interpretation

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  21. I feel chilly just reading it!

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  22. A very good story, Diana.

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