Are You Ready to Rodeo?

I played in last year’s Carrot Ranch flash fiction rodeo and found it immensely fun. And challenging! Charli Mills, the Carrot Ranch chief buckaroo, has announced this year’s rodeo, and I encourage anyone who’s up for a wild ride to give it a go!

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

To a buckaroo community, the annual rodeo was a chance to show off skills of the trade: reining a cow-horse, throwing a loop and dallying a rope, wrestling a steer to the ground, and tying a goat. Yours truly was the Goat Tying Champion of a long-forgotten rodeo.

I still remember the smell of horse apples condensed in the stalls where all the ranchers and buckaroos boarded their horses during the three-day event. My red hair sported gold yarn bows at the end of each braid, and I had a brand-new felt hat the color of a chocolate lab.

I’d been practicing with the migrant children down at the barn. We could all toss a goat with the same ease our fathers and uncles could take a steer to the ground — it was all about mastering leverage. After practice, we’d eat pinto beans and tortillas. Someone would pass around…

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40 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Rodeo?

  1. I remember the fun you had with this last year. Thanks for sharing the information, Diana.

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  2. A great reminder that I must be better about challenging myself to compose flash fiction…

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    • I don’t think I’m going to participate in the rodeo, Sea. This fall is looking too busy and the rodeo schedule has tight turnarounds. But there are many weekly, casual challenges. And you definitely should! They’re fun, and I’d love you read your work!

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  3. A fun event. Love it!

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  4. This sounds like so much fun! I’m glad you enjoyed the previous one, Diana, and can only hope you have a similar (or even better) experience this year 🙂 All the best ❤

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  5. Wow! That sounds like a challenge for sure, but I know you can show everyone up, Diana–if you choose to accept the mission 😀 I’m still struggling with momentum on Book 2, but I might fiddle around with something short (not so challenging as 99 words though) just for a change of scenery. 😀

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    • I won the best of show last year, Julie, but we had a week for each submission – this overnight stuff may be too much pressure for me. I need a week to write 99 words – that’s how SLOW I am. Ha ha. We’ll see….. Happy Writing!

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  6. Sounds like fun. I have too much going on at the moment with work and prepping for the start of my college classes in September, plus trying to fit in some writing and blogging and everything else! But I will look out for your posts and see it vicariously on this one. 🙂

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    • I’m not sure I can handle the schedule either (even without classes and a job). But it was a blast last year, so I wanted to share. Good luck with the start of the school year, Cheryl. Enjoy!


  7. Antonia says:

    Sounds like a fun challenge for a writer! I hope you have been doing well, Diana! I have been away a lot this summer. I look forward to catching up!

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    • So nice to hear from you, Antonia. I hope you were away having fun. Summer is almost over, so get in some more sunshine as the kids get ready for another school year. Have a wonderful weekend!


  8. dgkaye says:

    Will you be joining Diana? Not sure I can fit in the time ❤

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  9. Nice choice to share, Diana. I’m sure everyone will have a rootin’ tootin’ good time. 😀 Hugs!

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  10. Tossing a goat?!!!

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  11. Laleh Chini says:

    an interesting post.<3

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  12. A lot of people participate in this. Not my thing but I sure enjoy reading the stories.

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    • I’m not quite certain that I will participate this year, Jacqui, due to lots of conflicts in October. The timing on this one is pretty tight. But it was great fun last year so I wanted to share. Thanks for stopping by, my friend. And THANKS for the reviews on my new series. I was thrilled. 😀


  13. This was a fun read.

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  14. Well saddle up and enjoy yourself.

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  15. Aah! to be young again! Such fun! ♥

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  16. Charli Mills says:

    It’s going to be a wild ride to spur inspiration! Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to your ride!

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