Blogging: How to Increase Comments

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I struggled with the title of this post because getting comments isn’t about stats; it’s about building relationships.

Some visitors to this blog might have noticed the number of comments here. It wasn’t and isn’t a goal, honestly. And there really isn’t any magic to it either. Comments grow out of a desire to genuinely connect with other bloggers, and a commitment to put in the time to do so.

Here’s how it happens:

I leave lots of comments on other blogs. These are my invitations to engage, my knock on a blogger’s door. They say, “Want to come out and play?”

Because blogging-time is precious, if a blogger doesn’t bother to reply to my knock, even with a simple “thank you,” I’m less inclined to knock again. On some level, they’ve declined my offer to engage.

At the very least, say “thank you” to someone who took the time to read and leave a comment.

What’s better than a simple “thank you?” A comment on the visitor’s comment! Even a kind thought, or sharing something more about the post conveys that you are delighted with their visit and the time they dedicated to your blog.

Then reciprocate! Comments are a two-way streets.

I reciprocate 99.9% of the comments I receive. I head over to the blogger’s site, read and share my thoughts.

This is the relationship-building part of blogging. It says, “I valued your visit and wanted to see what’s up at your house.” If I can, I learn the blogger’s name and reflect on something specific from the content. “Great post,” is fine, but it doesn’t invite conversation the same way as mentioning what was great.

Are there comments that will sabotage your efforts? Yes! Please don’t leave comments on anyone’s blog that say, “Follow me” or “Check out my blog” (or something similar). They come across as pushy, and I, for one, am likely to delete them. 

Some of the genuinely promising starts will fizzle, some will mosey along, and others will blast off with an instant connection. That’s okay; it how life works. Remember, the goal isn’t to amass tons of comments; it’s to end up with a collection of blogging friends that make this journey enjoyable.

And we all know that sometimes life gets in way, or our comments end up in spam. Or we get busy and need a break or for some personal reason just can’t respond or reciprocate. And that’s fine too. We’re not super-human beings. The great thing about building blogging relationships is that once in place, our online friends understand.

Keep in mind that there is tons of good content in blogland, and though quality is important, YOU are a huge part of what makes your blog stand out. Share yourself and invite others to come out and play.

That’s all there is to it.

Happy Blogging!



421 thoughts on “Blogging: How to Increase Comments

  1. Great advice! I really have to spend more time developing my relationships with other bloggers, but I am often pressed for time to write. There are just not enough hours in the day. Thanks again for a great post. Looking forward to reading more and taking your advice.

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    • That’s the toss up, for sure. Reading and commenting takes time. And often that means time away from other things we enjoy doing. I’ve cut my posts back to once or twice a week for that reason, and there are days that I don’t blog at all. It’s a constant adjustment. But I do love the relationships and commenting is how to get that done. Good luck! And Happy Blogging. 🙂

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  2. As always Miriam. Thanks for the information on getting more comments. Comments help one know you are interested. Great Job!

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  3. Thanks for the clear, simple advice. Awesome! I’m new to blogging, and what you said here was exactly what I needed to hear. Any other tips?

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    • Hi. Welcome to blogging. The biggest tip… enjoy yourself. It’s a lot of fun and WP has a great community of bloggers. I’m going to head over to your place for a visit 🙂


    • Bryan Fagan says:

      I go out and find people. I search for blogs that make me smile or think or whatever. Once I find that special blog I talk to them. I comment and go back and do it again.

      If and when they come to mine I always leave a reply to their comment. When I do I try to connect to what they said. I try to make it personal.

      A blog will succeed if the owner wants it to succeed. It takes work but if you enjoy the work it’s worth it.

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  4. Wisediscerner says:

    Diana, I will take this time to leave a comment of appreciation on your blog. Thank you for this informational post that I now consider as part of my basic blogging etiquette file. Keep up the fine work!!!

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