A Short Blogging Break


Turn off the laptop
The world waits beyond your screen
Honor life’s sweet flow

Last summer I wrote a post encouraging blogging breaks
(The Benefits of a Blogging Break).

I made a deal with myself that I’d take a week off every 3 months to relax, go outside, and reconnect with friends and family. Well… the last one was 6 months ago. Oops.

Deadlines are looming on the next two books, and it’s time for a little elbow grease! I’ll be offline for a week or so getting ahead of schedules, enjoying a little reading and a lot of sunshine (I hope).

Have a wonderful week. 🙂







138 thoughts on “A Short Blogging Break

  1. I hope your break was wonderful and that you had some good days of rest!

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  2. Blogging breaks sound nice . . sometimes I don’t blog because of exhaustion or work schedule. . but a deliberate break to just be would be fantastic!!
    But . . should I make sure I have posts scheduled ahead first . .? 😉

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    • Blogging breaks are delightful especially if you can turn off all social media and not even check in. Take walks, get together with friends, visit a museum. It’s wonderful. I absolutely recommend it, and guess what, the world doesn’t end and everyone is still there when you get back.

      I never preschedule posts. First of all, that just adds to the work and stress (for me anyway). This is supposed to be relaxing! I just let everyone know I’ll be out for a week or two, and I disappear.

      Another tip is to limit post-break follow-up to responding to comments. I get about 100 notifications a day, and I delete all but new followers and comments. Otherwise I’d get back from my break and totally stress out!! Ha ha. Kind of defeats the point.

      So take breaks, enjoy, relax, don’t worry about the blog. It will still be there when you get back. I think it’s important to honor our time, our health, our happiness, and make room for other parts of our lives to flourish. ❤

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      • Sometimes I schedule posts way ahead just for fun .. but beyond that I could see the point in just walking away for a while and reconnecting with me and who I really am aside from everyone’s expectations

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  3. I hope you enjoyed your rest and are now feeling refreshed and relaxed! I took 14 days off without accessing the internet over Christmas which REALLY benefitted my health!

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    • Thanks, I’m back this morning and have a full day or two of catching up. But it’s always worth the break. I’m glad you do the same. I think breaks are critical to our health too. 🙂 Happy Writing!


  4. Erik says:

    So glad!

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