Soul Swallower Infographic

A recent guest post on Nicholas Rossis’s blog suggested using infographics as a book marketing tool (check out the helpful tips). I thought I’d give it a try for my WIP: Soul Swallowers. I’m not very techy so I did this on MS Word.  Everything you ever wanted to know about swallowing souls!

Have a wonderful weekend ❤

137 thoughts on “Soul Swallower Infographic

  1. Oh, wow — I love that you’ve thought through all the permutations of your story’s “magic.” I think more fantasy novels would benefit from these kinds of infographics, quite frankly; they orient the reader, and establish the rules of the world. Very cool, Diana! I’m excited for this project!

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    • Thanks, Sean. “Soul swallowing” has some horror/monster connotations and that’s not where I’ve gone with this book, though there can be some awful consequences of swallowing souls. The infographic was helpful in giving a little more depth to the concept. I’m glad you enjoyed found it interesting!

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