Author Q&A: Diana Wallace Peach

I’m so pleased to be over at Michelle’s book blog, Reading Minds, today. She read all 4 books of The Rose Shield series (an author’s dream come true) and had a few questions about the thoughts behind it. Of course, I was delighted to answer.

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Reading Minds

Catling's Bane from Diana

We all know I adored The Rose Shield Tetralogy (award winning cover of Catling’s Bane pictured to the left). After reviewing these, I was lucky enough for Diana to agree to a Q&A about the series.  See below for the good stuff!

What was your inspiration for The Rose Shield Series?

I believe that humans are, at their core, emotional beings, and that our feelings drive us more than thoughts and reason. When we interact with others, we’re trying to influence them emotionally – make them smile, comply, love, take our side, go away. We are masters at influencing, almost from birth. For the book, I simply took a big leap forward and asked: what if a group of people could influence people’s feelings artificially through a special talent? What power that would give them! And what would they do if there was someone who could stop them?… 

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