I will dig a well

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The Carrot Ranch Literary Community ran a Flash Fiction Rodeo during October. The variety of prompts were loads of fun.  As the competition closes and the winners are announced, I’m delighted to share my contributions.

Challenge #1: Cast yourself back to six years of age, knowing what you do of life in the present; what would you want to be when you grow up and how would you go about achieving that goal? Tell us in 100 words, no more no less. It can be real or imaginary, serious or light-hearted.

I will dig a well

When I grow up, I want to dig a well as deep as the Baobab is tall. With my hands, I’ll fill buckets and pass them up a ladder to my sisters’ eager fingers. Water will rise, turning the dry dirt to mud, and I’ll hold my breath and labor in the earth’s wet coolness. And on the day my well draws pure and clear, the village will sing, but praise is not what will lift my song. That day, my mother won’t walk to the ditch to reap sickness with our water, and my sisters will dance to school.


To read Hugh Robert’s winning submission click here: Carrot Ranch

144 thoughts on “I will dig a well

  1. Moving piece! 🙂

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  2. Lovely thought. I’m not super political, but Michael Moore had a good point when he said the US should build a well in every third world village. That’s tax money I’d cheerfully spend. 🙂

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    • I agree, Cathleen. I think we’re all connected and when we can reduce the horrible stress on people’s lives, even halfway around the world, we work our way to a better future for everyone. Thanks so much for stopping by to read. 😀

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  3. Hi Diana, Thank you for this, you really moved me so much tonight with this version of your words. Since I am off to bed now, it will be the thought of my night. Thank you Diana. good night!

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  5. Val Boyko says:

    Touching and heart opening Diana. Thank you for moving us with your words 💛

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  6. smilecalm says:

    creatively empathetic
    & timely, dear writer 🙂

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  7. Joanne Sisco says:

    This is a really powerful story – largely because it’s unexpected, and yet so real to so many peoples around the world. It’s full of both sadness and hope … “my mother won’t walk to the ditch to reap sickness with our water”. 😕

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    • As I wrote it,Joanne, I imagined this child growing up and the dream becoming a reality… perhaps not for the benefit of his/her family, but for the future. I made a donation after writing it. So I’m building a well! ❤

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  8. This is a wonderful piece, Diana! The girl’s hope comes through, and I could imagine this happening in so many places in the world. Have a great weekend!

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    • Thanks, Julie. I had a great time with these prompts and they were all so different as the competition proceeded. I’m glad this story popped into my head. I love the hope. 🙂


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