The Rose Shield – Kadan


The Rose Shield is my 4-book fantasy series planned for March-ish, um, maybe April. Book One actually has a name now: Catling’s Bane.

I’ve been introducing characters for the past few months. You’ve met:

Raker, the man who hears voices in the fog
Catling, a six-year-old with a rose birthmark around her eye
Whitt, the boy battling crajeks in the swamp
Gannon, captive in the belly of the Wandering Swan
Vianne, an influencer who tortures poor Gannon

Meet Kadan

Excerpt from  Catling’s Bane, The Rose Shield: Book One 

The high ward’s residence and offices of governance, including quarters for esteemed advisors, ministers, and influencers, encompassed the entire seventh tier. Covered walkways edged with potted winter greenery connected the various structures, all Founder-made.

An influencer. The prospect of mastering the skills of manipulation tangled Kadan’s stomach into a hard knot. What would his uncle require of him? To ease unsavory negotiations, to inflict torture, to smooth over the murder of children, to halt the beating of an innocent heart?

He walked to the tier’s edge and gazed over the ever-widening layers that petaled outward into shadowy markets hundreds of feet below. The moons cast an eerie light on the evergreen forests and fields stained with freshly fallen snow. The Blackwater coursed through it all, an icy serpent winding to the distant sea.

By inches, he shuffled closer to the rim. His toes extended into the air, and he closed his eyes. For an endless moment, he teetered on the rim of a choice wholly his own. His actions were harmless, weren’t they? Or had he grown cruel, learned the high ward’s lessons of power? He couldn’t abide his life, couldn’t bear the commitment his uncle required. A raw breeze ruffled his hair, and he suddenly couldn’t wait to fall.

A hand grabbed his jacket’s collar. He gasped and his eyes flew open. Fighting for balance, he reeled backward onto the tier. His heart hammered in his ears as he spun and ripped loose of the grasp.

The influencer stepped back and offered a modest bow. “My apologies, I didn’t wish you to fall.”

“I was… thinking.” Kadan straightened his jacket.

“This province isn’t without its beauty,” the influencer said, stepping to the edge. Kadan didn’t move, the young man unfamiliar to him. He wore the blue jacket of an emotive, shaved head patterned with swirling woads.

“Are you here for me?”

The man smiled. “I’m Qeyon, from Ava-Grea. I don’t believe I am here for you, Kadan.”

In truth, Kadan wasn’t surprised that the man knew his name. “My uncle is sending me to Ava-Grea for training. He wants my oath. He wishes to make use of me.”

Qeyon paused to gaze over the high ward’s tier. “Your uncle is a powerful man, and I imagine he is seldom crossed. Wait until you experience Ava-Grea, Kadan, before you decide to leap.”


Note: Many thanks to everyone who offered to beta read and to all those who considered it, but just didn’t have the time. This blogging community is immensely generous and supportive. I was successful in finding some willing souls. Stay tuned! ❤


97 thoughts on “The Rose Shield – Kadan

  1. Beautiful imagery! ❤ Loving the introductions to your characters. Thanks for sharing these. (I may have missed a few…I'm going to check.)

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  2. Cloud Walker says:

    You actually talk to your characters begire you write about them?!

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  3. Christy B says:

    Wonderful writing! I’m anticipating great reads ahead with 4 books in your series ~ bring it on! Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Christy. I have sooo much work to do before this series is ready. But I think the first book will show up in March 🙂 This is my favorite time of year – lots of writing time. Have a great week and Happy Writing 😀

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  4. Erik says:

    Whenever I read your excerpts, Diana, however long or short, I can always say that I’m “there.” And that’s no easy feat, especially out of context.

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  5. inesephoto says:

    Cannot wait, Diana! I loved all the excerpts you posted, and I like the title. Best of luck with the series! xx

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  6. Woot! Congrats on the title, Diana. That is usually the hardest part for me. Now and then, the title springs crystal clear and right away… but not usually. Looking forward to your new series. Mega hugs

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  7. Kev says:

    Mm… I’ll most certainly stay tuned. 🙂

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  8. balroop2013 says:

    Wishing you all the best for your new series Diana. You can inspire all procrastinators!

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  9. Gorgeous Diana! I love the characters and the layers of your writing, plus that incredibly beautiful scenery. The uncle is quite intriguing,I like the building suspense. Good luck on making your deadline, either way, it will be fabulous!

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  10. adeleulnais says:

    If any of them can’t do it, i’d love to.

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  11. Annika Perry says:

    Great excerpt, Diana – it had me hooked and I was carried away by your words and story…so many questions raised in just this small segment. Once again, just love your character names! Best of luck for March publication! 😀

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  12. Cloud Walker says:

    Fascinating! Waiting for March! Good Luck!

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  13. Great peek into this new book, Diana! I should be able to do a 30-day turnaround. Let me know if you still need betas!

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  14. Reblogged this on K Y R O S M A G I C A and commented:
    Diana Wallace Peach with information about her new 4 book fantasy series The Rose Shield. Please reblog, tweet and share as Diana is looking for beta readers.

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  15. Hi, don’t think I can commit to a 30 day turnaround at the moment as I am editing my novel, but wishing you much success. Shall reblog to spread the word. x

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  16. dgkaye says:

    Ooh, sounds like another exciting book coming from you Diana. I know it will be a smash success, your have an impeccable style of writing. I’ll be taking my long awaited blogging break in February and most of March, but I’m certain you’ll have plenty of beta readers. 🙂

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    • A lovely response, Debby. I hope you are taking a restful break and doing something fun with the hubby. Breaks are so necessary, especially with the amount of blogging you do. The rest of life needs our undivided attention now and then. ❤

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      • dgkaye says:

        That’s a fact Diana. I’m still here til 1st week Feb. Just getting everything written and scheduled so I don’t have a mountain of work to face when I get back. Organizational skills kicking in! Lol 🙂 ❤

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  17. reocochran says:

    Diana, I like each character and don’t believe I have missed one of your small enticing pieces of your serie’s new addition. Your descriptions are always unique and display originality. Kadan has his reasons for nearly plummeting downward, I was holding my breath!

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  18. Jennie says:

    Really exciting!

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  19. I’m glad you got the interest you needed, as I’m still slogging through your wonderful books, but that is on a temporary hold while I finish my next neighborhood book club book. Thanks for the introduction to Kadan!

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  20. Steph McCoy says:

    Can hardly wait for the release.

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  21. Reblogged this on Art by Rob Goldstein and commented:
    D. Wallace Peach presents Kadan and a chance to become a beta reader for her new book.

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  22. Steven Baird says:

    Great writing, Diana. You have such a glorious imagination. I’d love to participate since I do enjoy your writing so much, but the time frame isn’t there right now. And I am working on something kind of substantial. Next time?

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  23. I always love your writing Diana!

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  24. Allie P. says:

    I enjoyed the Bone Wall and would gladly read for you if you need more volunteers. Mid-Feb works fine with my schedule.

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  25. 98,000 words ? And I’m sure, they are all “choice”. Would love to help, but timing is not right for your turn-around. All the best for another success, D. 💖

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  26. This sounds like it would be right up my alley, wish I could beta read for you. Alas, I am swamped right now and I don’t think a 30 day turn-around would be possible. Hope you find the readers you need!

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  27. Reading is on the very top of my list this year. I have neglected books, have spent too much time blogging. I love books, always have and always will.

    I am not sure if I would be the right “beta reader” since I have strict rules when I read and high expectations. There is no time to waste. Me to book: “If you haven’t gotten my full attention by page 50, onto the donation pile you go.”

    I would love to read a book written by you, but I am not a big Fantasy fan. However, just like almost everybody else I like “The Hobbit” “The Lord of the Rings” “Eragon” “Game of Thrones” and I loved “The Mist of Avalon.”

    Your writing is great as always.

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  28. Antonia says:

    Diana, you are such a good writer! I am so excited for you!!! I’ll email you 😀

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  29. Phil Ryan says:

    I’ve never been a great reader at the best of times and these days have difficulties with concentration. Fantasy and sci-fi wouldn’t be my first choice but I’m planning on dipping my toe in The Sorcerer’s Garden and if it survives attack from spades, forks and the hose pipe serpent I’ll be back for more. I’m confident the quality of your writing, D will keep me safe. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, Phil. You might like The Sorcerer’s Garden. I certainly hope so!! Lol. Reading time is hard to come by, for sure. If I can get through a book a month it’s a miracle. Have a great day and happy writing!

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  30. Beautiful writing, Diana. It sounds like this series is off to a great start. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  31. davidprosser says:

    Gripping writing Diana, and a strong character.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  32. Another intriguing character.
    PS March will arrive sooner than you think LOL

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  33. Erika Beebe says:

    Great characters! I sent you an email 🙂

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  34. confabler says:

    I haven’t read the excerpt yet. I will soon. The characters are intriguing.
    Being a beta reader sounds interesting. I’d be happy to give it a try, if you’ll have me. But I must warn you that I have never done it before but I’m good at finding mistakes especially plot and flow mistakes. Your choice, you’ll have plenty of volunteers.
    Let me know and good luck

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