Water Moon


In my fantasy world, the winter rains blend the sea and sky into billowing hues of blue and gray. They paint the islands with a steady brush of storms, drum cold fingers on diamond panes, and drip through the draped boughs of evergreen. The last mottled colors of autumn skitter away with the wind.

Villagers venture down puddled lanes, hooded cloaks clutched against the sheeting rain. In the gray twilit mists, roadside bramble twists black, brittle and forlorn, and the smoke of wood fires scents the air with memories of home. Inside, a warm hearth awaits them, a welcoming blaze of vermillion in the deepening dusk of the year.

The full Water Moon shows her face in tonight’s night sky. This will be a supermoon, larger than usual because it’s orbit is closer to Earth. If you have a clear sky, I hope you catch a glimpse of her magic.

Excerpt from Eye of Fire, Dragon Soul Quartet

Her skirt in her fists, Meriel rushed up the stairs to the gallery that stretched across the cliff’s face in the Compassionates’ Hall, connecting the public and private quarters. Long ago craftsmen had carved the gallery into the ivory rock and framed thirteen stained glass windows with a view of the sea, one for each moon. The windows weren’t only exquisite in themselves, the glass perfectly cut in a myriad of colors, but when sunlight shone through them, the gallery’s back wall came alive, mottled in soft hues, subtly edged and blending like pebbles under water. The sun promised to peek from behind the cloud cover, and she wanted to see it.

When she opened the door, the display dazzled her as it filled the air. Stepping into the color, her body became both a palette for the sun’s brush and a silhouetted shadow on the rock wall. She glided along the corridor, stopping at each window, noting the moon, the change of seasons in the hues, wondering at the artist whose work so sincerely and boldly reflected the complexity of creation.

“I never get tired of it,” Caron said.

As she turned, Meriel sought out his form in the liquid color. Her focus returned to the windows, and she continued down the gallery.

The tall man fell into step with her. “I especially like it during winter moons when the skies are brushed with gray.”

“Do you have time to talk?” Meriel touched his arm.

“I thought I already was.” He smiled.

“Yes, you were.” She let her hand drop. “Caron, I want to ask you about the dragons. Can we sit?” They moved to a stone bench bordering the rock wall.

“I don’t know very much about them, Meriel. In fact, you probably know more than I.”

“I told Gallard I would ask if anyone in the islands knows their nature, if anyone cares about what’s happening to them.”

The sun winked out behind scudding clouds, and the color vanished from the gallery, its windows still beautiful but flat and static. He rested his back on the wall and closed his eyes. With his hair newly shorn and beard tightly trimmed, the angles of his face lent him an appearance of weariness. “It seems I should know more than I do—a natural concern for the Compassionates, understanding and preventing cruelty. Why do I always feel I’m plodding uphill?”

Meriel knew the sensation. “I’m not blaming you for anything, Caron. I’m only asking questions.”

“The dragons live above us in the hills of Eydis. They abound in Anghard and fly deep in the mountains of Halle. Other than in Yula, we rarely see them, and that’s a good thing—for the dragons.”


This is my last moon post. A year of 13 full moons began last December, all marking time in the Dragon Soul series. Thank you for reading along and celebrating nature’s timekeeper with me. ❤

110 thoughts on “Water Moon

  1. Coming from someone born in June and is often called a “moonchild,” I enjoyed reading your posts referring to the 13 full moons. I love the way you connected natures timeline with your series.

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  2. Your descriptions glow and glisten like those windows, Diana. Lovely. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  3. cazdawnie says:

    You write so beautifully. That and I have always been pulled by the moon too. What great prose, keep up the good work! 🙂

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  4. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a glimpse of the moon as it was too cloudy. I loved reading this Diana, the imagery is so beautiful 🙂

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  5. C.E.Robinson says:

    Diana, always love reading your posts, this one no exception! I sort of saw the super moon on the horizon until clouds covered it. Looking forward to the next project you hinted about. Loved the moon series. 💛 Christine

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  6. Reblogged this on Art by Rob Goldstein and commented:
    Water Moon from D. Wallace Peach

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  7. I think I will always get a goose-bump-ly tingly feeling when I read words similar to “I want to talk to you about the dragons.” This is a beautiful lyrical post, Diana. Thanks for sharing the snippet. It was a perfect choice for the post. Mega hugs.

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  8. adeleulnais says:

    The imagery in this excerpt was breathtaking. Really wonderful writing.

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  9. reocochran says:

    oops, Dragon Soul series. xo

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  10. reocochran says:

    I loved the way you pull us into where the time of each moon takes place, Diana. The fact you created your own system of moons for your Dragon Ring series is amazing!
    When I first left teaching preschool (integrated with special needs), I made blog post “calendars” for each month with special poems, dates and listed the Native American moons. It made me feel like I was creating an international calendar when Mike Lince went to Scotland and I added Scottish battles for a month. 🙂 I did this for more than a year and it was very time consuming! I cannot imagine how devoted you are to create each special moon, season and character. For this completion, you deserve a round of applause. (Hope you may hear hands clapping!) 🙂

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    • Thanks, Robin. Your moon project sounds wonderful. I bet the kids got a kick out of it. My current writing project has 3 moons. Figuring out the phases based on 3 unique orbits took days. It was overkill but I got carried away 🙂

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  11. Purpleanais says:

    You do write beautifully. And there is such escapism there. Truly lovely.

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  12. I love how you write, Diana. So immersive for the reader. I am ashamed to say I haven’t read one of your books yet. I hope to remedy that soon!

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  13. Always beautiful writing Diana! My pleasure to stop by and take it in xx

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  14. Annika Perry says:

    Diana, has it really been a year since you started this series? A wonderful link to the powerful forces of nature – alas no magic display for us as heavy clouds stayed stubbornly in the sky. Luckily the magic in your writing has made for this in part and as I’m a huge fan of stained glass window I’m particularly struck by your description of the 13 for each phase of the moon.

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  15. confabler says:

    Your writing always amazes me. Beautiful.
    The idea of posting every full moon is great. I feel tempted to steal it.😉 but I won’t of course.
    You know the calenders in India are lunar. Most of our festivals and seasons are according to those. There is always some form of ritual or something sacred every full or new moon.

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    • Please please steal the idea – and of course it’s not really stealing anyway. I didn’t know that the Indian calendar is lunar, and I love that. To me, it feels closer to the Earth’s natural rhythms of which we are a part. My year of moon posts is now done. It would be wonderful if you picked it up 🙂

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  16. So beautiful! How cool to post about the full moons all year–that’s the kind of stuff I like! Here in Northern California after a warm, clear day, the view of the moon was incredible (and me without a decent camera, other than my Digiital and phone).

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  17. Ali Isaac says:

    I saw the supermoon tonight as she was rising, low in the sky, cradled on a bed of cloud. I think I must have been blind all my life… it was INCREDIBLE! I saw this orange glow through the tree branches as I was driving and wondered what it was, bright as city streetlights, but I live in the country where the nights are deep black velvet. And then I cleared the trees and there she was, this huge copper orb just hanging in the sky, I almost crashed the car! She was mesmerising! Then she rose higher and shed her rosy glow, and retreated to a more normal size. I’ll never forget it. The night skies are wonderful at this time of year. And your writing is beautiful, as always.

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    • Such a wonderful description, Ali. Now, despite the rain, I feel as though I got to “see” it. My dad told me that my mom, who is blind, asked “What’s that light?” Truly magical.

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      • Ali Isaac says:

        That’s amazing, Diana, about your mom! So glad she had that experience. And sorry about my reference to blindness, I hope I didn’t offend you. There are moments when you really feel you can believe in magic, aren’t there, and for me that was one of them. Xxx

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  18. K'lee L. says:

    Diana, your prose is just on another level. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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  19. Frank says:

    As ever, I am struck by the care and detail that goes into your writing.

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  20. noelleg44 says:

    Wonderful\, Diana. Your descriptions sing to me!

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  21. Wonderful excerpt, Diana! And beautiful description of the moon and season, as always 😀 I feel fortunate I had the opportunity to see the “supermoon” (no clouds). Every time I see the full moon, it makes me wonder at the sheer power and beauty of nature. Have a great week!

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  22. Joanne Sisco says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your moon series. They may be moons from your fantasy world, but they also make a lot of sense in our world.
    Your power of observation is so acute, as is your ability to translate it back in words.
    … and “Skitter” is such a great word. That describes so well the leaves that dance along the ground in the wind 🙂

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  23. Micki Peluso says:

    Wonderful. I missed the moon, too cloudy here.

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  24. dgkaye says:

    Stunning excerpt Diana. Your words always ring so lyrical. And 13 moons is enough, lol. Those moons have caused quite a bit of havoc this past year. And I managed to see that super moon this evening. 🙂

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  25. sudershana says:

    Amazing post with the beautiful images!

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  26. tric says:

    Wonderful writing. After reading your writing I’m always inspired to write better. (I rarely succeed but at least you make me aspire to it.)

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  27. Steven Baird says:

    Beautiful imagery as always, Diana. The sky is overcast here tonight, so we may not see it, but it was incredible last night. It’ll have to do. 🙂

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  28. Lovely! I noticed the moon last night at around 5 pm–a big orange ball!

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  29. balroop2013 says:

    Lovely imagery, perfect choice of words Diana! Those amazing pictures seem more like paintings! Thanks for sharing a wonderful excerpt. I saw the moon last night…as usual it was humming a lilting tune. 🙂

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  30. Khaya Ronkainen says:

    Fascinating excerpt, amazing write and stunning images! Thank you for sharing. And yes, I did catch a glimpse of the super moon. 😊

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  31. I was able to catch a glimpse and photo of it last night in between clouds. I thought with all this time off work I’d be more than halfway through your books right now, but this PT takes up more than half my day! I’m going to have to set an alarm to set aside a “no PT or housework time” for a couple of hours. Life!!

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  32. Nice! Moon, dragons, loved it!

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  33. Lovey says:

    This is so beautiful to read. Wait…i am going to read it again.

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  34. quotesandmore says:

    wow! Love the way you described the storm and the rains falling… with your wonderful description its not hard to see it… Thanks for sharing..

    Have a great week ahead 🙂

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  35. I feel wet and cold just reading your description. Well done, Diana. Nature is so powerful.

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  36. Nicely written – vivid descriptions without being drawn out too long. 🙂

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  37. Oceans2c7 says:

    This is my fav!

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  38. Thank you for letting us read part of your novel. You have great talent my friend.

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  39. Your amazing imagery transports me! I can feel the rain and the warmth of the fire. Superb, Diana!

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  40. Morgan says:

    I love this one best so far 🙂

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  41. That was just about the best moon ever. 🌝 Thanks for your excerpt, Diana. I forgot to mention…I read the Bone Wall last week, it was a welcome retreat from the political storm, a delightful look into your fantasy world, so enjoyable. Thanks. 💕

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  42. The V Pub says:

    I hope that it’s clear out tonight. If it is, I will be reminded of Meriel and Caron as I gaze upon the moon.

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