Sunday Share – My Heaven


A few days ago, my muse demanded more writing time, less blog time. A day later, silly me decided to ADD a day of blogging, increasing my posts from 2 to 3 times a week. Seems like I’m sabotaging myself, but here’s what I’m thinking …

There are funny, creative, touching, stunning posts floating around the blogosphere. I’m adding a “Sunday Share” feature dedicated to reblogging a favorite post. I’ll close comments, so anyone who is interested can click through, enjoy someone’s talent, and perhaps make a new connection. My compromise with the muse. Easy!

Today is the first, a 153-word flash piece by Jade M. Wong. I hope you enjoy it.

My Heaven

“So, um, is it going to hurt?”

“Hurt?” The angel smiled at me like a parent indulging their child’s lackluster joke. “I think the time for pain has passed, dear.”

“Oh, so then, how do we-I mean-” I trailed off as the angel landed …

(continued): [Flash Fiction] My Heaven