Indie Book Reviews: Part II

Once again, while I’m away, I’m catching up on posting the book reviews that I completed over the past few months. This is Part Two. Comments are open, but since I’m still off the internet grid, it will be a bit longer before I can reply. Please click through and check out a wonderful blogger’s site. Or, better yet, try out a book! Enjoy!

my-vibrating-vertebraeMy Vibrating Vertebrae: and other poems by Agnes Mae Graham 

A wonderful collection of poems by Agnes Mae Graham, saved and published by her children C. Graham and L. J. Baker as a tribute to her mother. I read this book over a weekend. Many of the poems are playfully clever, a clear sign of Ms. Graham’s robust sense of humor. She even titled one “Nonsense Rhyme.” Yet she also writes poignantly about her love of home and family, and the trials of life including a beautiful piece about the war “The Terror and The Tears.” The poems stand on their own, but they also provide a sweet glimpse of the poet and her life. A great read.

Chris Graham’s Blog: The Story Reading Ape
Amazon Universal Link: My Vibrating Vertebrae


dog-boneDog Bone Soup by Bette Stevens 

Dog Bone Soup is an engaging tale set in the 1950’s and 1960’s and though Stevens indicates that the book will speak to boomers, in particular, the family drama and the emotional world of the characters are timeless and relatable. The story follows the oldest brother in the family, Shawn Daniels, a boy whose young life is burdened by dire poverty and an abusive, alcoholic father. His proud mother does the best she can for her children, and Shawn becomes a man before his time, helping to support the family.

Though the story deals with a struggling child in a tough situation, the book has many moments of childhood humor and delight, especially between the brothers. Shawn not only survives his rough start but comes through as a strong individual with solid values and high personal integrity.

Stevens writing is captivating, raw and sweet, with well-drawn characters. I read the prequel “White Trash” prior to this book, however, I feel that Dog Bone Soup easily stands on its own. A compelling read about childhood resilience and growth into manhood.

Bette Steven’s Blog: 4 Writers and Readers
Amazon Universal Link: Dog Bone Soup


conflicted-heartsConflicted Hearts by D. G. Kaye 

D. G. Kaye writes a compelling narrative about her narcissistic mother who whirled through Kaye’s childhood life like a tornado, prone to rages, self-absorbed, and unreliable as a parent. Her father was in and out of the household, his relationship with his wife volatile, and Kaye remembers dreading his next departure and worrying that he might not return at the end of each day.

It wasn’t until she turned 18 and left home that she was able to begin looking back at her life, evaluating the dynamics of her relationship with her mother, and making choices for her own well-being.

Conflicted Hearts doesn’t read as a story as much as it does a reflection on Kaye’s life and emotional growth. For those who grew up in emotionally chaotic households, the dynamics of blame and guilt will sound familiar. The constant worry, the burden of responsibility for siblings, and the desperate need to keep the peace will ring bells.

Kaye’s writing is candid with bits of humor and some light moments of joy in her journey of growth. The message of the book speaks to the strength of a positive attitude and outlook, and the role of forgiveness in moving forward. If you love memoirs and reflections on personal growth, this book will hit the mark.

Debby Kaye’s Blog: D. G. Kaye Writer
Amazon Universal Link: Conflicted Hearts 


twin-desiresTwin Desires by Pamela Wight and Ashley Brandt 

Twin Desires accomplished it’s twin goals with plenty of romance and a thrilling plot. Sandra Eastman is making a comfortable life for herself when corporate CEO Blake Sinclair takes an interest. Unfortunately, his attentions coincide with the escape from prison of Blake’s psychotic twin brother. Alex has one goal – to murder his brother and flee with his fortune. Sandra is a pawn in a deadly plot between a brother who loves her and his twin who wants to kill her. Wright has developed distinctive characters with a lot of personality and fun dialog. Frequent point of view shifts took some getting used to, but otherwise, Wright’s writing is on the mark. A fast-paced and suspenseful read. Lovers of romantic thrillers will have a great time with this one.

Pam Wight’s Blog: Roughwighting
Amazon Universal Link: Twin Desires


poetic-ritualsPoetic Rituals by Ritu Bhathal 

Bhathal’s Poetic Rituals is a collection of poems that explores life’s rituals, those of a mother, wife, lover, and teacher. There are real gems in here with lovely imagery, humor, passion, and ambivalence. My favorite poems were the lighthearted rhymes about being a mother of young children. A great read to visit and browse throughout the day.


Ritu Bhathal’s Blog: But I Smile Anyway
Amazon Universal Link: Poetic RITUals

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  1. More good reviews, Diana. CONFLICTED HEARTS is most certainly on my TBR list. Great post. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  2. Wow, you’re eventually giving those fond and a readers of this book more reason to have their copy. Amazing book review Dianna.

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  3. Christy B says:

    A few of these books are on my to-read list (they are sitting on my tablet yelling out for me to read them even as I type this!). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the reads and I hope your time off the grid is going well 🙂

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  4. I know how great Debbie’s Conflicted Hearts is. A definite winner. Dog Bone Soup sounds wonderful also. I like struggles where the force of will prevails.

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  5. inesephoto says:

    Wonderful reviews, Diana! Some books caught my reader’s eye 🙂

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  6. Annika Perry says:

    Lovely reviews, Diana and great to see two poetry books featured. Both look beautiful and touching. I’ve read Bette’s book and absolutely fell for for it and by the end felt I’d become part of Shawn’s family and just didn’t want to leave them. Debby’s and Pam’s books are downloaded on my kindle and waiting to be read – time where do you go?!

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    • Thanks for the visit, Annika. There just isn’t enough time for all the reading I want to do. Too many good books is a good problem to have, but also a bit frustrating! 🙂 I’ll be over to visit you soon. Catching up for the next few days!

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  7. Another great list and fantastic reviews. And so my TBR pile grows… 🙂 So appreciate you sharing these. (Some are new to me and I appreciate the introduction.)

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  8. My heart soared when I saw that you included my book Twin Desires in your reviewed list of Indie books. Diana, you are an amazing erudite friend of Indie authors. I know that being one yourself, you understand the world of Indie authors and the miracle it is when we write a book worthy of being reviewed, published, and read by wonderful readers as your followers. I celebrate your generosity of writing spirit.

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  9. balroop2013 says:

    Thanks for including two poetry books too Diana. I am always looking forward to good poetry. 🙂 Love you for your benevolence dear friend. 🙂

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    • I was surprised at how much I enjoyed them, Balroop, since I usually don’t read poetry beyond what I see in WP. It was a nice opportunity to expand my horizons. I need more hours in the day for reading 🙂 Thanks for the visit!

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  10. Great selection. Some of them are on my tbr, too 🙂

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  11. Thanks so much for your thoughtful review and for placing DOG BONE SOUP on your blog. Found two more books to add to my TBR on your post. Thanks, again. Hope you’re enjoying your time away! 🙂

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  13. Great list, Diana! Hope you’re enjoying your trip 😀

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  14. Bernadette says:

    Thanks for the recommendations. I will be going on a long flight soon and will need some good books. Hope all is well.

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  15. Sacha Black says:

    Two more that are on my list, Ritu and Debby, I am trying hard to get through the list, but it seems endless! Can’t wait to read these two too though.

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  16. Debby Gies says:

    I was thrilled to see you’ve read and reviewed my book Diana. Thank you. I hope you will post it on Amazon. (PS You’re not missing much, wordpress is wreaking havoc with many of us not being able to comment and going to spam. I am posting this from my FB account because WP won’t let me in. 😦

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    • I’m glad I missed the WP challenges, Debby, though now I have 600 emails to sort through! Yikes! I’m glad you liked the review. It was posted on Amazon 9/4, so all set there. I still need to get them all on Goodreads (soon). Have a great day, my friend, and I’ll be over your place to say hi later today 🙂


  17. Tina Frisco says:

    Your reviews are wonderfully enticing, Diana, and beautifully presented 🙂

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  18. Great collection of reviews, Diana. Happy weekend hugs.

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    Thank you Diane for mentioning my book in such a positive light!
    And don’t forget the other books on there!

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  20. MANY thanks for this AND for posting your review of my Mum’s book on Amazon Diana 😘😘😘😘😘

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