Passion and Priority

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Passion and Priorities may sound like a Jane Austin novel…but nope, nothing so restrained.

I’m talking about a circus act, a high-wire attempt at juggling while riding a unicycle with five bowling pins flipping through the air. It’s an act of balance.

Anyone possessed with an all-consuming passion, knows what I refer to. Whether it’s an artistic endeavor, a desire to race cars in the desert, to savor exotic foods, ban landmines, or never wear the same shoes twice, the need for balance occasionally sets that high-wire a-wiggling. Sometimes it’s the clown stomping around down there in the three rings, the one with the diapered terrier on a hip, pointing at the kiddie pool, demanding a reassessment of one’s priorities.

I walk that tightrope a lot, relishing the thrill, the single-minded concentration as I surrender to my passion for the written word. To immerse myself fully in my world of imagination, without regard for other priorities, is liberating. I’m spinning plates on spindly poles and no one’s shouting to save the dinnerware.

But I’m also that orange-haired, red-nosed fussbudget with her clown shoes slapping the ground in furious circles. Under my polka-dot skirt, I must mind my clown family and friends, a squeaky car that needs oiling, more terriers due for the vet, and grocery bags overflowing with bananas. I can pretend this part of me isn’t real or that she’s just a joke, but in truth, she’s a necessary part of the big show.

In my thirties, I used to wonder what I would do when I “grew up.” I remember those drifting days of waiting…for inspiration…for passion…for the circus to come to town. Always an eye on the magical tomorrow when something wonderful would happen. The big top finally arrived and I’m making up for lost time. Juggling those priorities, keeping all the pins and plates spinning in the air. It’s a grand problem to have.

Are you like me? How do you keep your balance?

83 thoughts on “Passion and Priority

  1. SHUBHAM ROY says:

    It’s written wonderfully…I hope u will like my pieces too nd let a newcomer like me to prosper in this genre

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  2. tedgiffin says:

    I am learning to creatively relax. Since I have different disciplines. I make music until my ears go dead, then I stop, and draw until I no longer know what I am seeing, then I realize my ears have had a rest, so I go back to music. Growing Up? Yikes, I hope that doesn’t happen to me.

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  3. Erik says:

    I think I find balance in excepting my lack of balance. What I mean is that I’ve learned to accept that I’m always going to have more that I want to do and know and learn than I’m going to be able to do, know or learn.

    I used to have ridiculous fantasies that I was going to structure my days so that I had equal time (“balance”) for everything: writing (which includes books, blogs, music, etc.); mentoring (which may include counseling, teaching, music lessons, etc.); language study; recording my own music; reading new books … the list goes on and on. I’ve just come to accept that (per my comment earlier in response to Nitin), for the most part, I have to go with whatever flow is feeling most inspired at the time. So maybe I have a month where music is “the thing,” and the next month, I’m focused on studying Russian. And that’s OK.

    Some things are staples (or I try to be more disciplined with them), like writing. But even with that, as you know, Diana, times like the last few months have shown me that the nature of my personality and life are such that nothing is set in stone. Sometimes, writing has to wait on account of caring for people. Sometimes, people with lesser needs have to wait on account of writing. I guess I’ve gotten to the point where I try to just be OK with maintaining as much balance as a life imbalanced by fullness of interest, ability and human involvement can allow.

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    • I’m not there yet, Erik. I tend to run ragged until I get sick and am forced to cut back. Sick right now (cough, cough). I keep telling myself that I need to carve some downtime into my schedule and it’s sooooo hard. Maybe today 🙂


  4. Ali Isaac says:

    I can’t keep balance. I have two active teen boys, Carys who needs multiple therapies and 24/7 care, a dog recovering from surgery and needing physio, books and a blog to write. Which is why my house is a mess, my garden is a jungle, and I wear tracksuits and cut my hair short, and have no social life. 😁 Now, where’s that bottle of wine…

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    • LOL. Oh, thank you, Ali. You are amazing. How do you write? And research? And do all that you do? You deserve an award, for sure. My house is a mess and my garden is a jungle and I don’t have half of what’s on your plate. Blessings to you and I wish you much happiness as you juggle those spinning plates! ❤

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      • Ali Isaac says:

        Thank you. Same to you. Balance implies equality, and I know I can’t give equal time and attention to all things. Its a case of constantly revising goals on the go. Writing is me time, and I wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for Carys. I look at my jungle for eg and revise my attitude… I now see a haven for wildlife instead of a nice tidy garden, and that’s something I’d rather have, to be honest. 😁

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  5. Such a wonderful way of putting it!! Those daily tasks that need to be done… we all end up juggling them best we can.

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  6. Sacha Black says:

    Yep yep yep. I’m spinning far too many plates. I seem to only ever get to them just as they are about to fall off – how do I cope? Not sleeping and overdosing on caffeine. In sum I don’t really.

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  7. Reblogged this on Riley Amos Westbook and commented:
    I meditate, and my friends and family help keep me grounded.

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  8. reocochran says:

    I really enjoyed the details in your juggling act in your personal and beautiful circus story, Diana! ❤
    I make children's name pictures, have two drawn in with pen, ready to paint when I get back on Monday from my Mom's house. I am blessed with a wifi box rental from Library for 2 weeks, was on an 80 people wait list! 🙂
    I write my blog thoughts, too. I have one long mystery and four illustrated children's books the 90's I mailed these out repeatedly in SASE to receive them back. Guideposts for children liked my faith based books but I like to think of the ones who have reproductions in church, battered women's shelter and 4 H club, too. No need for money nor fame for me to be satisfied, Diana. The library sells even extra copies of James Patterson and others who make best seller lists for only $2.00 for hardback and one for paperback.

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  9. I can agree. “It’s a grand problem to have.” Thanks for labeling it.

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  10. Bernadette says:

    I often feel like that Sondheim lyric from Send In The Clowns…. life is always topsy turvy.

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  11. Sue Vincent says:

    I think it is a woman-thing. I think we rather like the juggling act 🙂

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  12. I’m the kind of person that just takes on everything at once then tries my best to conquer them all. I call myself the “queen of multitasking” but I also find I get almost everything done when I am under pressure and have a lot on my plate. I work with one guy who gets infuriated with me, as he is a “single-threaded” kind of guy and I’ll be working on something with him and leap ahead and say “And what if we do this next…” then he’ll cut me off and yell “One thing at a time!” LOL. So that really didn’t answer your question about balance though. I don’t know that I have a balance. I’ll be writing my blog on the weekend, doing laundry while chatting with my sister on the phone and checking social media all at the same time, even sending some emails, texts etc. and washing dishes with my phone headset on and just pattering all about the house doing stuff. 🙂

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  13. stephie5741 says:

    I’m a Virgo, so routines are my thing! I have all of my projects/freelance assignments flagged in Gmail. I just rotate evenly between them, skipping the projects that have later deadlines. Whatever book project I’m working on now goes in with my projects. But some people would find skipping between projects tough. One minute I’m writing about data science and the next I’m writing a children’s book!


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    • You’re so organized! I make lists – lots and lots of lists! My problem is pushing off things that don’t have deadlines … forever. Ha ha. Thanks for the ideas though. I’m going to try get more organized! Have a great weekend Stephie. Happy Writing 🙂


  14. inesephoto says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post. I was thinking of the same things another day. Being passionate about our priorities might help 🙂
    I am juggling, as most of us, I guess. A stable platform is important – either family, or good health, or a stable income. Then add some discipline. If you have a platform and discipline, balancing is much easier.

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  15. spearfruit says:

    I would have to say, this is one area I am good at – balance. I have many activities everyday and I am usually able to balance them without issues. But a course there are days where the balance is lost and it throws me for a loop. Thanks for a good post today, happy Friday! 🙂

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  16. Carrie Rubin says:

    Timely post for me because I’m presently struggling quite a bit to maintain balance. So many things competing for my attention. But I find these things come in waves, and I get through the busy waves by knowing I’ll find my footing again when things slow down.

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  17. Nitin says:

    I lack discipline in everything. My life is all about trying to put order to chaos. Always falling short. Hoping to get some answers here. 😛 🙂 Nice post:)

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    • You sound like me, Nitin. I read time management tips and sigh because I already do all of them and there still isn’t enough time. 🙂 Thanks for the visit and have a great chaos-free weekend!

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      • Nitin says:

        So much we want to do. So many things that slip from our attention. Yes, I’m too trying a lot of management tips. Success, is still to come.
        As always, you’re welcome -you too have an good weekend. 🙂

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        • Erik says:

          I think part of this is a particular personality type.

          There are people who are perfectionists, but are not terribly creative nor skilled, and do not have a very wide scope of interests.

          There are people who are very creative, but not perfectionistic nor skilled, and who may have a singular focus.

          We could combine these attributes (and others) in many different ways. But the fact is that there some who are all of the above: those who strive for excellence and who are intelligent/educated enough to be bothered by details that don’t encumber others and who are creative and who have many interests, etc.

          I just don’t know if this latter type of person (myself included) will ever be able to do everything we would like to do in exactly the way or at exactly the time that we might wish we could (another side-effect of the personality type).

          But, on the whole, I wouldn’t trade it. As was pointed out above, we are never bored!

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  18. Susanne says:

    I’d say you’re doing a good job of the balancing act since you’ve managed to publish some books AND have a family. I am easily distracted by my blog which is my primary writing vehicle because I find it very hard to focus on a “big” project. Every now and then I get my act together and write some short stories but like you I find it hard to manage with a family and outside work responsibilities. I love the title of this “Passion and Priorities” despite it sounding like a Jane Austen novel! The circus metaphor is very apt.

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    • Writing is the only thing that I’m disciplined about, Sue. You should see the condition of my house and yard. And I must find a way to exercise – or else. Ha ha. It is a circus. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of balance.

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  19. I had to laugh at all that you said in this post! I love it! It is hard to keep that balance for sure!

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  20. The V Pub says:

    Sometimes I find myself ordered and balanced, and then there are other times that there’s chaos all around me. I suppose it’s just part of life for me, so even the chaos becomes ordered.

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    • Hmm. I suppose that’s true for me in a weird way, Rob, since I can laugh about the chaos. But there are things I like to do and must do that I’m not doing…so the search continues. Thanks for the visit. Have a great weekend 🙂

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  21. Having a regime keeps me balanced. But like you it’s better to have the problem than not.

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  23. Milagros says:

    Thanks in favor of sharing such a nice thinking, piece
    of writing is nice, thats why i have read it fully

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