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Hi my friends! Some of you may have seen this post already, but I thought I’d share it at “home.” I had a blast pulling it together for The Story Reading Ape’s marvelous blog. Hope you enjoy.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Thanks, Chris, for the opportunity to monkey around on your famous blog! I’ve seen your invites for several months and have said to myself “someday.” It appears someday has arrived.

D. Wallace PeachI’m one of those writers who rarely struggles with writer’s block. I can write 16 hours a day and never run dry of words …until someone asks me to write about myself. My mind goes blank, every articulate thought sucked through a black hole into another dimension. The urge to regurgitate my 3rd grade demographics starts sounding like a decent backup plan. What does a fantasy writer who lives entirely in her head have to say about her “real” life?

I didn’t start writing until I turned fifty… ancient compared to most writers I know. Am I envious of those enjoying an early start, regretful that it took me so long to find my calling? You betcha. If I could…

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19 thoughts on “#Read about Guest #Author D. Wallace Peach

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Lovely blog and photos. Thanks for leading me here. Thank for visiting my author blog too. I shall be back for a longer browse. Have a fab weekend and week to come 🙂

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  2. I also reblogged the original entry, since I also see that your button has managed to pull off a disappearing act.

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  3. I love your idea about paradigms being perceptual boundaries that rationalize our experience. I always thought of paradigms being transformative; but, as you point out, they can also serve to limit and proscribe existence as well. This, to me, seems revelatory. I also love also the idea of relationships beautifully coalescing into their identities apart from the human beings who gave birth to them. I find this to be a very intriguing and provocative idea, which, of course, sparked your even more intriguing idea about books and characters becoming real.

    You breathe wonderful life into them, endow them with an existence apart from your own, and watch them make their way in the world. In the deepest part of ourselves, I think that we all know that this resonates with an undeniable truth. I believe that the books we all know and love not only exist in a multidimensional reality that intersects with our own, but, through their energetic presence and their ability to interact with our own reality, they can birth to amazing new paradigms of being, which ultimately transforms everything that their energy touches.

    They can give rise to startling new epiphanies that can change us in unimaginable ways. They are now their own thing, making their way out there in the universe and beyond. But I also believe in Platonic ideals – collective archetypes to which we can tap in. However, I believe that we creatively burnish these templates. We add our creative fire to them, birthing hybrid beings, both strange and wondrous. New imaginative worlds come into being through this creative symbiosis. Our minds tap into the collective unconscious and harvest the apples of inspiration off of the vine of the universal psyche.

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  4. I’d missed this, so it’s good that you shared here as well!

    I’m reminded of the Platonic notion of the world of Ideas… 🙂

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    • Oh…um…yeah…reminds me of Plato too. (Now I have to look it up:)
      As always, thanks for reading, Nicholas.

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      • This is my oversimplified understanding of it: There is a world of Ideas (or Forms) out there, that contains everything that’s been and everything that will be. Our world is but a shadow of that one.

        In a sense, artists never really create anything; we simply reach to that world and transfer an idea onto ours.

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        • That’s an interesting perspective. I suppose if the infinite paths of possibility all existed in the Now, that would be possible. Knowledge could exist outside of time; all that ever will be already IS. That’s as deep as I can go at 5 AM. Further contemplation will require a glass of wine 🙂

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          • I’ll drink to that 😀

            If you’re into that kind of thinking, be sure to check out Philip K. Dick’s Exegesis. He often mentions what he refers to as “3-D time,” meaning that part of us (I guess what some might call Higher Self, Inner Self etc) lives outside of time, like someone watching us progress linearly (so, that “distance” between Self and us is what gives time its third dimension). It’s a bit like watching a train move from left to right; you know where it will end up, so you can give it a warning every now and then. He interprets “prophetic” dreams and precognition that way.

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  5. I couldn’t find the Reblog button on your blog so reblogged from Chris’s blog where your original interview is.located. Great interview, Diana. 🙂

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  6. Dawn D says:

    Yes, interesting thoughts!

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    • I do believe that my understanding of the universe is minuscule. It’s a perspective that makes life interesting. Thanks as always for visiting and for your comment:)

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      • Dawn D says:

        Yes, I too believe that whatever we do, we have should always keep in mind how tiny we are, and how little we actually mean on the grand scheme of things. That’s why I love to watch nature, it humbles me and reminds me I am but a speck of dust.
        This sure makes life more interesting! 🙂

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