The Bone Wall by D Wallace Peach – Interview with Author @Dwallacepeach

When talented author Jo Robinson told me she enjoyed my latest book, I did a little happy dance in my kitchen. She sent me some questions for an interview, and I glowed for a week. If you’re interested in the “character” behind the characters, here’s the interview. Thank you, Jo!

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I finished my latest read much faster than I usually finish a book, considering my tendency to be the slowest reader on the planet, only because I couldn’t put it down. I had to find out more about the author who wrote the book that now sits way up there in the lofty favourite TWO dystopian fantasy books I’ve ever read. Not only does it speak of humanity, what we’ve become, and where we might go, it’s a fabulously addictive tale, told in that magical way that only the literary masters have, of sucking you right in to their worlds. Many thanks to author D Wallace Peach, for graciously allowing us access into her life and for sharing some of her fascinating thoughts with us here today. I’ll share my review of The Bone Wall first, and my strongest suggestion for you all to head right over to Amazon and…

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4 thoughts on “The Bone Wall by D Wallace Peach – Interview with Author @Dwallacepeach

  1. I can totally understand why you did that little dance, Diana. That was one great interview. Jo is a true fan of years, as are many of us. Congratulations! 🙂

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    • I enjoy every contact, but it’s great when other writers give a pat on the back. Jo was kind to review my book and offer the interview. Yes, I did a happy dance.


  2. Wow, woman! This is a great interview. The bone wall sounds very intriguing. And the photo of you is great.

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