Don’t Pass Gas

If the title of this post captured your attention, well ha ha, it’s not what you think.

Today I chanted, “Don’t pass gas! Don’t pass gas! Don’t pass gas!” on the steps of the Oregon State Capitol.

I loved this homemade sign.

I loved this homemade sign.

As an author, I often place my characters in situations where they need to speak up and take a stand for what they believe. They use their wits, voices, and skills to protect their families and communities from great danger. Their enemies often wield vast power with a ruthlessness that disregards the welfare of the common folk. The villains are greedy, righteous, deceptive, and utterly relentless.

I have high expectations of my characters, and they expect no less of me.

That's me in the sunglasses.

That’s me in the sunglasses.

A gigantic energy conglomerate wants to transport fracked natural gas through Oregon to the Pacific coast for shipment overseas. A monster pipeline would traverse my tiny mountain town, cut through our water supply and plow through miles of forests dry as tinder in the summer months. My characters told me to quit complaining and do something about it.

Holding someone else's sign while they take pictures.

Holding someone else’s sign while they take pictures.

So, for the past few months, I set aside my fantasy writing to apply my skills to detailing the real-life facts about fracking, pipeline failures, and environmental catastrophe. The risks would make your head spin.

Our Senator who supports Passing Gas

Our Senator who supports Passing Gas

Today, I went to my first rally with all the other aged hippies. Now you know what the senior citizens do on a Tuesday afternoon in Oregon.

We didn’t get pepper-sprayed. It was a blast. I suggest you try it.

Separately we are small as mice. Together we roared, “Don’t Pass Gas!”



19 thoughts on “Don’t Pass Gas

  1. It looks like you have a real fight on your hands, Diana. I shudder when I think of the eco disasters that have taken place. I’d hate to see it happen to a beautiful state like Oregon. I would fight too. Leaders seem to sometimes turn a blind eye and only think of the money. Best of luck in your fight. 🙂

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  2. I’m impressed! You go, girl.

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  3. claytonjcallahan says:

    No rest for the governors until the dragons are free!

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    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Yes, reality does bleed into my stories, doesn’t it? Those darn Governors! Hopefully the one here in Oregon has a better head on her shoulders than the ones in my book. Things didn’t go very well for them!


  4. I was once in Oregon and got yelled at for starting to pump my own gas. I had no idea that there was a law against it! The guy took my license plate number down and started peering inside my car at my girls when I went inside to pay. I guess people out there take their gas situations seriously! LOL! That was 10 years ago and I haven’t been back to Oregon since, honestly I’m a little afraid! But I learned something that day, we may be the United States of America, but each state truly is it’s own. Whether it be laws, ideas, etc. It’s a good idea to read up about a state before you visit, just like you would before heading out oversees. I love that you participated in this rally. It’s good to show support for a worthy cause. If I were living there, I wouldn’t want to mess with the beauty that’s there. Beautiful places should be protected, and slowly our forests are being destroyed. I don’t want to see this happen where you live. Thanks for sharing, sounds like you had a blast. Take care! ~M

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  5. Rosanna says:

    sounds like you had fun, but I do hope that they won’t pass gas through what seems to be such a beautiful part of your country. And kudos to your characters for pushing you to voice your opinion.

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  6. Power to the people, Diana. You rock !! ☺ Van

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  7. Good for you! We’ve been on a similar struggle for years now, against a landfill that’s supposed to be built, right atop Athens’s water reservoir! People can be so stupid some times…

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