Where I Live

If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you might have figured out that I live in the coastal mountains of northwest Oregon, in a rainforest of giant trees and moss.  Our quaint town is 10 miles down the road and the big city is an hour or two away (depending on elk, ice, fog, snow, logging trucks, and the intended destination).  Cell phone service is non-existent, and our entertainment comes by satellite including the internet which is  s…l…o…w…  and I mean    s………l………o………w

Yet, I love living out here.

To give you a better idea of this place, I’ve created one of those fun “Where I live” graphics. There is no exaggeration in this post AT ALL.

Where I live


39 thoughts on “Where I Live

  1. Bernadette says:

    Love this! The contracting ideas of what is true and what people imagine is so true and you cleverly showcased that idea.

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  2. joanneeddy says:

    Ah…we writers never quite live in the world others think we do, no matter where we live, ha ha, and things are never quite what they seem! Made me laugh, Diana! I needed it with the political barrage, so thank you! Jo

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  3. thejuicenut says:

    Haha loved this! 👏🏻

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  4. Very nice. Well done. Enjoyed that.

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  5. Ralph says:

    I’ll type this really sloooooowly (that’s normal for me anyway). I love the thoughts of your family and friends. Loved this post 😀 ❤


  6. Love those. I can see all of them through other’s eyes.


  7. Reblogged this on Musings on Life & Experience and commented:
    Where D. Wallace Peach lives. I love her writing.

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  8. That was great, Diana. You don’t have to live way out in a rural setting to have slow internet. I live right in the city here and it’s s…..l……o…..w. I know what you mean. Growing up, we lived 15 miles from the city and people thought we I lived on a farm. I could look out the high school window and see cows grazing nearby. 😀

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    • I wonder if the internet will ever be as fast as our brains, Suzanne. Probably not.

      One thing I thought about as I wrote this was the vast differences in the places people live. What seems “isolated” to me may be “close by” to someone else. My slow internet would probably be a luxury to many in this world. Perspective is unique – another reason why reading is so wonderful.


  9. Dawn D says:

    It is beautiful. I love forest, though I may have trouble surviving the 8 months worth of rain. And I have now grown used to living with people around me. I’m not sure how long I could go without going mad with no one around. But thank you for this post, it was fun 🙂

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    • This year the rain wasn’t so bad. Now we have to worry about summer drought. I actually like the rain – its a great excuse for staying inside and writing. The distance is a factor. We rarely go out. It’s just too far to drive.

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  10. Ocean Bream says:

    Oh how lovely! You live in such a fascinating place, one that I have always (as a child of the desert) dreamed of living in. 🙂 Also I am inclined to agree with Nicholas, less internet equals wayyy less distraction and more time to contemplate the wondrous outdoors on your doorstep and focus on writing 😀
    Do you take many pictures?

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  11. Stunning! And think of the positive side of the slow Internet: fewer distractions, so that you can focus on your writing! 😀

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  12. C.E.Robinson says:

    Donna, what a clever way of telling us your where abouts in the world. I love your graphics, and the NW. My 2 sons & their families live in WA. Some day I may move up there! Enjoy those beautiful mountains. Christine

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  13. betternotbroken says:

    Where you actually live looks beautiful! I long for the woods and green nature. Thank you for sharing!

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  14. Such a great post, Diana. Love your graphic ! Creative. ☺ Van

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  15. philipparees says:

    Really great post. It is always good to put a place upon a face. I have reblogged this.

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  16. philipparees says:

    Reblogged this on philipparees and commented:
    Tell you a lot about fiction, this post, and why fiction works. It also shows how much of ‘fiction’ relies on the eye of the beholder!

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