One moment in time.

When I became a grandparent, one of the unexpected sensations was of immortality. On one level, I had done my genetic part, seen another rung added to a physical ladder reaching back to the primordial soup. Yet, the experience transcended the mere satisfaction of a biological instinct. My grandchild would carry with him a legacy of love.

I believe love is tangible, an existent creation that changes the chemistry and energy of the world. It extends not only beyond the conscious moment, but through lifetimes, as real as DNA. For me, my grandchild is a bridge to the future, my connection to all that will occur beyond my window of time. I have the sense that generations of love will journey with him, just as they accompany me.

This beautiful piece by Tric made me think about the immortality of love. I’m happy to share it with you.

My thoughts on a page.

Today I stopped time,
and paused it for a moment,
as I watched my youngest child
walk up the aisle,
with the eldest of our clan.
My Mum.

It was her confirmation,
and regardless of my beliefs,
my daughters special day.
As she neared the altar,
my mum placed a hand on her right shoulder,
As I pressed pause.

I gazed upon that moment in isolation.
Invisible bonds tied these two,
never allowing time and distance come between them.
I watched through a mist of tears,
age and wisdom,
guide youth and innocence.

And so the moment ended
and they parted,
each to their own seat.
The camera within me rolled once more,
capturing many more moments,
but none quite like that credit: JonathanCohen via photopin cc

Later I replayed it for my mum,
who smiled and encouraged me
to look a little deeper,
to see
what I was missing,
in that magic moment.

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10 thoughts on “One moment in time.

  1. Thanks, Tric and Diana. That was lovely.

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  2. Your reflections on grandchildren is lovely here! It brings back nice memories of my grandparents too ❤ The poem is a wonderful share too.

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  3. Ocean Bream says:

    This is a heart-stoppingly beautiful piece. It made me tear a little! My maternal grandmother didn’t get to see me walk down the aisle, as it were. But I was her first grandchild, and my entire childhood was laced with her love. It resonates with me still, in my dreams, in the way I love my mother, in the smallest things of day to day life. In the way, I hope, that I will love my own children someday.

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  4. tric says:

    What a great introduction to my piece. Thank you for the reblog.

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  5. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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