Premio Dardos Award

It always surprises me when these things pop up. Because they’re unexpected, they bring a ripple of excitement and a giddy smile.

dartsI’m honored that my little blog has captured the attention of wonderful writer C.E Robinson and encourage you to visit Before Sundown. Please take a moment to check out one of her recent posts that typifies the beauty of her words

The Premio Dardos Award recognizes cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values in the form of creative and original writing.

download (3)For me, the best part about this award is the opportunity to nominate 15 fellow bloggers that I admire for their writing ability. The worst part is only being able to pick 15. Whether they choose to accept this nomination or not isn’t a major factor; I’m happy just spreading the word. In giving you their sites, I’ve directed you to a post that particularly moved me or made me laugh. Enjoy.

Storyshucker: Stuart Perkins writes mesmerizing short stories that delve into the ordinary details of daily life. His blog is the very first I followed, and I still look forward to every post.

Fred Colton: Fred’s writing strikes me as raw and witty, brimming with male libido. I can’t pick out a favorite. Here’s a good one:

Kevin Sampsel: Kevin is a poet. His words are rich, rich, rich.

Renegade Press: Chris Nicholas is one of those powerful writers who digs deep. I loved this post

JJ Anderson’s Blog: JJ is another writer who takes on that role of witness. Rich in detail, all of the posts are worth reading. This recent one is a favorite of mine:

Heylookawriterfellow: Mike is just plain funny. One of those people with a natural knack for humor. I get a kick out of his posts:

The Task at Hand: Linda Leinen paints pictures with her words. Her writing is stunning. Read it and marvel:

Holistic Journey: Diana is the holistic wayfarer, reflecting on the human journey. Her words flow. I would love to give you a handful of posts. Here’s one:

Ocean Bream: This blog is a little gem. It was hard to pick my favorite post among the offering. This one is beautiful:

Captain’s Log: Pete Deakon offers a variety of posts in addition to his own writing. This post pulled on the heartstrings:

Just a Crazy Dreamer: Nakul Arora says he’s on a personal journey and shares his wonderings, questions, and discoveries. Check out:

On the Heath: I of July is a poet. He’s prolific and his work is sharp, often striking at the core of love, hope, and loneliness. You name it.

Boy with a Hat: Vincent writes a variety of posts from prose to poetry. This is one of my recent favorites:

Mike is Happy: Mike’s posts are a little different from those above. They’re short and hysterical. They have a place in this cultural line-up.

Rachel Being Chatty: Rachel’s posts are another dip into absurd humor. I read every one of her Deep Thoughts and start my day with a smile.

There you have it. Now that this post is up, my job is to notify everyone on the list of their nomination. Happy Writing!

20 thoughts on “Premio Dardos Award

  1. nakularora says:

    Congrats on the blog and thank you so much for the nomination, my friend.. 🙂


  2. Thank you. And yes, check them out. Some real inspirations out there.


  3. Comgratulations on the award! I’ll have to check out the other blogs on your list.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats – and thanks for the great list of bloggers!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I was away for a week and finally followed up. Thanks again for the kudos. It was fun to pass on the love…


  6. Thank you Diana for a wonderful award write-up. I’m looking forward to checking out your impressive list of nominees! And of course reading more of your writing! Christine


  7. Mike says:



  8. Ocean Bream says:

    Thank you for referencing me, it is truly an honour, and just as you say, so delightfully unexpected and joyful.


  9. Congrats, and I am touched by the thoughtful, sincere commendation.


  10. Thanks for the kind honor. I’m delighted to see that you liked my mouse story!


  11. Thanks Suzanne! I hope you check out some of the links. Happy Writing.


  12. Congratulations to all who won the award! 🙂


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