… yeez wanna come to a Pajama Party?… Author Diana Peach tells yeez how the best writers do it…

I had a lot of fun guest-posting on Seumas Gallacher’s blog. He’s a entertaining character, and if you’re not already familiar with his work, I encourage you to take a peek. We had some chuckles about this post. Hope you enjoy.

Seumas Gallacher

…there’s sum’thing so bluudy refreshing about other Authors who demonstrate that wunnerful irreverence to the stereo type of how a writer is supposedto behave… Guest Scribbler today, the LUVLY Diana Peach, captures hilariously, (and so accurately), the freedom of having entire days in yer PJs… have a read and yeez’ll see what I mean:


Writing in Pajamas

When Seumas asked me if I’d be interested in pulling together a guest post, well…I couldn’t resist the opportunity to muse. I enjoy the old Jurassic’s sense of humor and will attempt to do his blog justice. Thus…Writing in Pajamas.

To me, flannel pajamas are symbolic. Whenever I get the chance, I wear them all day, and in case you were wondering, I’m pj-clad as I type this post.

In my mother’s generation, all-day pajamas indicated a mortifying degree of sloth. Pinch-lipped, gossips would roll their eyes toward heaven, conjuring images…

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6 thoughts on “… yeez wanna come to a Pajama Party?… Author Diana Peach tells yeez how the best writers do it…

  1. I’m in my pjs now and plan to be for the next two days! Thanks for the note. Hope you have little tricks for relaxing and writing too.


  2. PJs to meetings sounds great – and what can they say as you are volunteering your time? 🙂 Fun interview and now I want to get back into my PJs!


  3. Love this post, and so true. The added benefit of pj’s is that they are more forgiving when the lack of physical activity ( that plagues most writers) adds those extra few pounds. Had to say it.


  4. Thank you. It was nice of Seumas to invite me. He’s a character.


  5. That was a great interview, Diana. 🙂


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