October (again)

Backyard1.dianapeach.jpgThis sapling grows out of an old concrete pipe in my backyard and every year it offers a glorious reminder of the revolving seasons. Living in a place where seasons mark the wilderness leaves me sensitive to the passage of time. I wonder if in climes where changes are more subtle, the inhabitants feel suspended, timeless, the days stretching onward without end.

I love blankets of blue, moonlit snow, the contrast of newly unfurled leaves against the black, rain-soaked bark of Oregon. And I’m always ravenous for the summer’s return of the sun. But autumn, in the northern states where I’ve always lived, is a time of great beauty, a time for road trips for the sole purpose of watching the leaves die.

I don’t mean to sound morbid – after all spring’s rebirth is the promise dormant in autumn’s retreat. But there’s something poignant about these revolutions, a reminder to me that my time is indeed limited and not to be wasted.

A couple years ago, I dreamed this poem. I offer it up again, word for word, as it came to me in my sleep.



If I drive off the road
Know that I was distracted by the wilderness
Gazing for a moment at gilded leaves
Arched against jagged evergreen
Vine maple blazing in random rays of sun
The woods wet, black branches of the forest bending
Silhouetted by canopies of countless green
Perhaps I beheld a quilted river of fallen crimson and vermilion
Winding along the roadside
Or gazed into the weave and texture of leaves
Layers interlaced, sharp and dense against the sky
I glimpsed fields of weed, browning blade and drying seed
Blending into a tapestry of quiet color before me
If I soar off the road of my life
And fail to rise
Know that my eyes brimmed with beauty.

6 thoughts on “October (again)

  1. Phil Ryan says:

    If I drive off the road and am charged with driving offences I’ll have my defence quote the words of this piece and I’m bound to get off! (Not condoning poor driving but) lovely poem D, wish I had such dreams 🙂

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  2. coastalmom says:

    I love this! I was just thinking… it is going to be October again before you know it. And then I read your last year’s post on October with the exact title I was thinking!
    Great words!

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  3. Wow! Beautiful words, stunning photo.


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