The Melding of Aeris

With the Dragon Soul Trilogy off to the publisher for a read, a new book is tapping its way across my keyboard: The Melding of Aeris.

Four generations ago, the realms fell to fire. The Burn, the only means of destroying a lush land so manipulated by man that while its crops sated hunger, it poisoned the flesh. Now the wilderness slowly reseeds itself unassisted, the hard lessons learned through starvation, displacement, and poverty. What remains for nature’s tinkerers? The human body.

Pathway, the coveted distillation that enables the grafting of skin across species. The warriors of the Sea Barrows meld spiral horns to their skulls, reptilian scale to their chests. They embed the razor teeth of sea beasts in the bones of their forearms and replace the flesh on their backs with the fur of wolves. Women of wealth adorn their bodies with serpent skin as elegant as black lace, long tails, plumed feathers and silken fur, their own skin cast off, no longer desirable.

Then they bear children … creatures like Aeris.

A man who longs to be human.