Elephant and The Lord of All

Another unique take on the prompt and wonderful tale. I hope you enjoy it. 😀

Let Me Tell You the Story of...

elephant-2910293_960_720 Pixabay image by Marianne Sopala

When the world was young and the Lord of All was old, all the animals were the same.  Every creature was a simple thing, just arms and legs on a useless barrel devoid of strength, claw, or wing.  The animals saw the lush world created by the Lord of All, and they rejoiced with what they had.

When the Lord of All was satisfied that each animal had been given the opportunity to think about the world, a decree was issued.  Every animal was to come from across the plains, walk through the tundra, and rise out of the oceans in order to approach the Lord’s Throne.  There, they could ask for any gift they wished.

Everyone knows the story of Rabbit, who asked for strong legs to run fast and ears to hear well, or the story of Wolf, who asked for great senses…

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The Battle

High gives us a thriller with a twist. Enjoy!

Hugh's Views & News  

With the dead bodies of her two best friends close by, eleven-year-old Miranda carefully raised one of the window slats with her finger and peered out into the garden.

She watched as the massive creature, known as a Nellyphant, pushed its trunk against the tree house looking for its next meal. Although it was snowing, she could also make out the smaller creatures, known as Mickice, on the roof of the treehouse. They, too, had grown a liking for human flesh.

Pixabay image by Marianne Sopala

Miranda’s trap, of leaving her dolls in the treehouse, had
worked. The creatures thought they had their next meal, but Miranda knew it
wouldn’t be long before they worked out that they had been tricked.

While sliding her hand slowly between the window slats, the door behind Miranda creaked. She froze to the spot, terrified of what was coming into the room. However, she…

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When Friends Need Help

A lovely story from Betul, full of friendship and kindness. Enjoy. 🙂

To Write or not to Write and What to Write

Response to Diane Wallace Peach’s February Speculative Prompt


‘The good days are over’, his cousin said loudly.

‘Yes, look at us squeezing in this place like that.’ added his friend from the other side of the house.

Indeed, there were so many fellow mice on one tiny house that Harry felt breathless. He put his head up and out of the mice pile to get some air. But that did not help much. It was too cold outside, so his little nose almost froze instantly. It was not as strong as his body was. His body was still enduring the cold. But his nose. That was weak. So, he had to put his head back into the pile.

To find some comfort, he started cuddling his mom. He looked at his dad while he did that. He looked anxious. So did his mom, actually.

‘Mom, will we die here?’…

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House Proud #prompt #speculativefiction

Geoff adds a touch of humor as always. I hope you get a laugh from his story. 🙂 Enjoy!


Mus Souris had a problem. The tornado had been inaptly timed and having his house blown up into an acacia, while normally a mere inconvenience, was a potential disaster. First his soon to be mother in law was coming to stay and second his wife’s fourteen nephews were on a sleepover and needed to get to school without the distraction of the front door now being fourteen foot off the ground.

Mus scrolled through the google responses to his ‘who can help me move my house?’ question toAlexa. The first ten, irritatingly, focused on the contents rather than on the house itself, though Mus chided himself for failing to focus the question more accurately.

Entry eleven, however, suggested a more hopeful response. He dialled the number.

A cheery, if rather menacing voice answered after one ring. ‘Proboscis Plant and Animal Hire. All your lifting needs dealt with, with a grunt…

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Elephant Limerick

Pixabay image by Marianne Sopala

The first limerick in response to the prompt. This from Zina in Wonderland.  Her whole poem is published here, but I hope you’ll stop by her site to say hello.

“Elephant Limerick”

by Zina

An elephant sat in the snow

For she had a very tough row

Frozen in place

A grin on her face

Because there are worse ways to go.



Removing the Obstacles

I love the way Kerfe takes up prompts with both artwork and words. I hope you enjoy the fascinating combination. 🙂 Happy Sunday!

method two madness

removing the obstacles s

Inspired by Claudia McGill’s post about revisiting her snippets, I visited the Collage Box Oracle for this response to the Myths of the Mirror February prompt, below.

As with the Magnetic Poetry Oracle, you can have your own ideas, but in the end you need to follow where the word box leads.

Close your eyes and count–
a circumnavigation
out the window and

between the lines to beyond…
dream what’s inside…come to life

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February’s Speculative Fiction Prompt: Anjana and Trina

A sweet, funny, and delightful story from Robert. Have fun!

Art by Rob Goldstein

Each month Diana Wallace Peach issues an image as a prompt at her
blog, Myths of the Mirror. This is my SOC mashup of a response.

February’s Speculative Fiction Prompt from D. Wallace Peach February’s Speculative Fiction Prompt


Anjana and Trina

Anjana the elephant wanted to know who caused the snow.

He hated snow and wanted it stopped.

In the distance, he saw a house resting lopsided in a baobab tree.

“Is that house crushing my tree?” Anjana muttered to himself.

He lumbered through the snow until he reached the house and peered

A little girl sat cross-legged on the floor with a notebook and pen.

The little girl looked up and smiled at Anjana.

“Hello…I’m Trina.”

Anjana stepped backward and bowed.

“I am Anjana,” he said.

Trina wrote his name in her notebook.

“Are you a munchkin?” she asked.

Anjana scratched his head with his trunk.

“No, I’m a demigod.”



“I see.”…

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